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All About Lyft

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Having a car in Ann Arbor is a luxury few of the University of Michigan students have. Fortunately for those without a car, there are many ways to get the places you need to go to, such as walking, taking the Blue Bus, or what is of growing trend, the use of mobile rideshare applications like Lyft.

As of Fall 2017, Lyft has made an effort to positively benefit the University Michigan campus in a few ways.

Lyft has just partnered with SAPAC (Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center) on Michigan to distribute “Late Night Passes.” The “Late Night Pass” is a card with a special code for $10 off a Lyft ride between 12pm and 6am. In order to get one of these cards, you talk to one of the SAPAC volunteers and learn about the different forms of bystander intervention. These cards are basically a “get out of jail free card” for when you really need it. Lyft and SAPAC are working together to distribute these cards and educate Michigan students on bystander intervention during the month of November, which is bystander intervention awareness month.

Aside from SAPAC and Lyft distributing the late night passes together, SAPAC is hosting a Bystander Intervention Training for Lyft drivers in the Ann Arbor area. Upon completion of the training, the Lyft drivers will receive a certificate to put in their cars to show to their passengers that they are safe in the car! Plus, they are prepared in case any bad situations are happening in the back of their car.

Lyft is also helping fund student organizations on campus’ ability to go to events off campus! You can apply through this link for a grant for Lyft rides for your organization.

Thanks Lyft!


Images coutesy of: Paris Morris and Volume One Magazine

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