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A Vegetarian’s Guides to Ann Arbor Eats

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Sometimes, being a foodie and a vegetarian can feel like an oxymoron… But in my opinion, it’s hard to feel that way in Ann Arbor. Living here, as a vegetarian of five years, I truly have been awed by just how good the vegetarian food is here, and how easy it is to find the meatless options on the menu. So, if you occupy anywhere on the spectrum from devout vegan to veggie-curious, here are my recommendations for a great meal out in Ann Arbor.


This recommendation is truly tried and true. Everyone thank my A2-native roommate for recommending this one! Totoro is a sushi restaurant found very conveniently on South State Street, near Ann Arbor’s beloved Target. Just glancing at their menu, they very clearly note which dishes are vegetarian with a bright green circle. Totoro has a wide spread of vegetarian dishes, so whether you want some vegetable rolls, a soup, or some veggie tempura, Totoro is a great choice. 

My order: Vegetarian Bento 

Slurping Turtle

Slurping Turtle is a true Ann Arbor classic. I honestly feel like after moving in, it was one of the first restaurants I heard my fellow first-year student talk about. I haven’t tried the full array of options here, but from what I’ve heard from friends and classmates, ordering from the “Slurps and Snacks” side of the menu is a much better choice than the sushi side (see above for my sushi recommendation). With that in mind, Slurping Turtle doesn’t necessarily exemplify a wide array of vegetarian options. They do denote the meatless selections as such on their menu with an easy-to-identify red asterisk, but provided that, there’s only three options. Ramen is really the reason people go to Slurping Turtle, and there’s only one option on the menu that’s outright vegetarian, if that’s what you’re looking for. Of course, there’s always the option to ask for modifications, but I’d want to be sure that the ramen broth is vegetarian. Nonetheless, this is a great option to try with a group of friends, as their atmosphere is conducive to a party of several. 

My order: Red Curry Ramen 

Frita Batidos

Honestly, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Frita Batidos since I first tried it. I genuinely implore anyone who’s never been to try it. Frita Batidos is a Cuban-inspired “street food” restaurant that sells, among a few other things, burgers. But fear not! One of their main offerings is a black bean burger, which comes with chipotle mayo. There are tons of options to add to your burger, along with a bunch of different sides and milkshakes that you can add alongside your burger. Also, their website has a page titled “menu guide” which specifies whether a ton of their ingredients and sides are vegetarian, vegan, or nondairy, alongside other dietary restrictions. With so many options (which are all delicious), this is a great restaurant for a vegetarian, vegan, or meat-eater!

My order: Black Bean Frita


If you ever want to have a semi-fancy night out, I feel like Palio is the place to go. It’s a cute Italian restaurant that almost feels like it’s out of a film. It’s far from Central Campus, but that makes it novel to try it out. It’s a pretty good options for vegetarians, with almost all pasta options being vegetarian and simply coming with the option to add meat. They also have various pizzas and entrees that are veggie-friendly. I recommend this restaurant for a nice night out! 

My order: Cavatappi Pesto 

Jerusalem Garden

I know people who graduated from Michigan in the 90’s who still remember how good the falafel at Jerusalem Garden is. It’s one of the first places I tried here in Ann Arbor, and it was wholly outstanding. I love coming here with a group of friends, because I feel like most people can find something to eat, as the restaurant is accommodating of many different dietary restrictions, including vegan, halal, and gluten-free options. They have a whole section on their menu dedicated to vegetarian sandwiches, and otherwise very clearly denote what’s meat-free on their menu. This is a great place to visit with a group of friends for a meal out. 

My order: Mjaddara Sandwich 

Zingerman’s Deli

Zingerman’s is truly the Ann Arbor classic. My grandparents are huge fans of Zingerman’s, and love to order from their online catalog. Also, has anyone seen that romcom where Jason Segel works at Zingerman’s? That’s another classic! Anyway, this is another walk away from campus, but in my opinion, it is super worth it. It’s a deli, so there are tons of different sandwiches for anyone to try. For vegetarians, you can filter the online menu by “veggie” sandwiches and could even customize some other sandwiches to fit your tastes. Give this classic a try! 

My order: Lila & Izzie’s Skokie Skidoo 

No Thai

If you’ve ever been in a room of Michigan students when someone mentions No Thai, you know that we really, truly love No Thai. It’s a classic place to go to with a big group and is open pretty late as well if you get hungry late at night. It’s fully customizable too, so I feel like everyone finds something they like. The selections range from Pad Thai to green curry to drunken fried rice. You pick your protein when you pick your meal, so you can easily get any meal with tofu, which I usually do. Also, if you’re sensitive to spicy food or obsessed with spicy food, you also have the choice to customize your spice level, which really makes you love your meal! I once saw someone online say that people talking about this restaurant is like a “sleeper agent” for them, which I wholeheartedly understand. This is one of the number one restaurants in Ann Arbor that I recommend! 

My order: Tofu Pad Thai with medium spice 

Honorable Mentions: Sevas and Detroit Street Filling Station

Okay, so I haven’t tried all the restaurants in Ann Arbor. But I know that both above restaurants, Sevas and Detroit Street Filling Station, are classic restaurants recommended for vegetarians. Just wanted to throw these out there! 

So, if you’re a prospective student that happens to be vegetarian or a Michigan student looking for some quality vegetarian options, definitely try one (or more) of the above restaurants out!

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