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A Few Christmas List Ideas (That Aren’t Ugg Mini Boots)

Any other time of year, you can catch me “oohing” and “ahhing” at just about anything. The latest skincare fad, a colorful sweater, pens for note-taking, and just about anything in between. So what is it about Christmas time, when I have the opportunity to be gifted the things I have wanted all year, that makes me forget everything I wanted earlier in the year? If you also struggle making Christmas lists, check out a few of my suggestions, combining unique ideas and the latest trends, to make yourself the perfect, comprehensive list. This can also be used as inspiration for gifts to give to others!


Alright, I’ll admit, I started off with socks for some comedic value. As a kid, you’ve probably heard parents joke about getting their kids socks for Christmas, and how unhappy this makes them because they aren’t getting toys! But at the end of the day, socks are important, and often necessary, and there are many socks for all occasions! I have compiled a list of some great sock options that you might not have even considered needing in your sock drawer!

  • Nike Everyday Plush Cushioned Socks
    • These are on my list this year! Perfect for hitting the gym, walking around in tennis shoes, keeping your legs protected from boots, and lounging around the house! They are great, high-quality, versatile socks 
  • Costco Socks
    • I’m not sure what it is about Costco, but they have found a compilation of the comfiest, cutest socks around. Whenever I’m grocery shopping, I always find myself lurking in the Costco sock section. I highly recommend any pair they have to offer! 
  • Fuzzy Socks
    • This is a no-brainer! Keeping your feet cozy and warm while studying, watching Christmas movies, making dinner, etc is so important (especially in the cold winter months). Treat yourself!
  • Bombas
    • This is my personal favorite sock brand, and coincidentally, I only have a couple of pairs and I got them all for Christmas! While I will admit, yes, they’re a little pricey (that’s why you’re asking for them as a gift *wink, nudge*), I never knew socks could be so life-changing! These socks are super comfortable and come in all sorts of styles and adorable colors. I’m personally hoping my mom hooks me up with some Christmas. 


I am certainly guilty of hopping onto the Skincare by Hyram bandwagon a couple of years ago, and I was totally into skincare for a while… Since then? I’ve basically been calling it a day after my cleanser and moisturizer. I have been wanting to get more into skincare cycling and trying out some new products, and maybe you’re interested too! Skincare is different for everyone, so I will include the one gift set I’m personally asking for and leave the rest up to your discretion!

  • The Ordinary’s “The Bright Set”
    • I have been in need of some skin brightening and tone-evening, especially moving into the cool winter months. This gift set was the perfect combination of products for my particular skin target!

Matching Sweatsuit

I’m a college kid, like many of you, so we’re accustomed to spending countless hours hard at work studying. Personally, I find feeling comfortable while studying to be very important. Matching sweatsuits have been trending this past year, and are the perfect cute & cozy option to add to your list. Whether you’re into a hoodie or crewneck, patterns or solid colors, I have selected a few options to personally recommend. 

  • Old Navy Gender Neutral Solid Color Hoodie (there are sweatpants in the same colors!)
    • This hoodie has a cozy fit in many colors, as well as sweatpant options to match in the same color choices. Perfect for on your own or to match with family and friends, with convenient gender-neutral availability. 
  • Cotton On Solid Color Pants (with matching hoodies, crew & mock necks available)
    • Great online deals for this one!!! Many solid color options available in different pant & sweatshirt types
  • PacSun Tie Dye Sweatsuit
    • For all you pattern lovers out there, PacSun has some adorable options!

Travel Items

Whether you need a little something in your suitcase, duffel, purse, backpack, car, or anything else, small, pocket-sized travel items are always a go! You may not think about needing these cute miniature items all of the time, but when you run out or go on a trip, you’re suddenly in a bind! Ask for these items ahead of time and keep them on hand so you’re better prepared (especially because they’re soooo cute!)

  • Hand Lotions
    • Here’s an adorable pack of 12 fun scents from Amazon! I also highly recommend Bath & Body Works and Ulta for hand lotions.
  • Makeup Products
    • Mini makeup products to keep on the go are always a must! Ulta always has cute gift sets with many mini products for the holidays, but other stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer, and Sephora also carry mini individual products separately 
  • Mini Emergency Kit by Anthropologie
    • I got this as a gift a couple of years ago for Christmas, and it was a lifesaver! For all those tiny emergencies where you need a hair tie, eye drops, a sewing kit, and many things in between, this cute mini bag has got you covered!

I hope this has helped you add to your Christmas list or you can cross off some people on your list to shop for! Happy Holidays!

Aspiring sport psychologist studying as a sophomore at the University of Michigan. Avid dog-lover, foodie, Spotify playlist creator, and UMich/Detroit sports fan. Fun Fact: I run the Her Campus UMich TikTok Page! Check it out @hercampusumich