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7 Things You Understand if You’re From the Bay Area

Ah, the Bay Area. It is such a beloved place to many, both to natives and tourists. You could spend 1/3 of the day in the woods, 1/3 at the beach and 1/3 in the city (if you’re brave enough). The opportunities are endless. Nonetheless, anyone who is from or has lived in the Bay Area knows the following statements to be far too relatable.


  1. You don’t realize that the word “hella” is not so common in other states (or even SoCal)

2. Philz coffee is a daily part of your morning routine

3. You feel like a tourist every time you go to the city

4. The phrase “I live about 30 minutes away from San Francisco” is something you say far too often to people who have no clue where your small suburb is.

5. You expect everything you eat to be organic


6. You laugh when someone says that the rush hour in their state is bad

7. In-n-Out is the local hangout spot

Much love to you, Bay Area!


Images courtesy of: Granite Rock, Bare Bowls, Pinterest and Chloe Wallach. 

I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in communication studies
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