7 Things You Learn Going on a Ski Trip

Many times throughout college, especially in northern states like Michigan, students take trips to go skiing with friends. While these trips may seem exciting and fun, there are a few life lessons you learn along the way: 

1. There is very little life past Detroit and almost all of it is intensely rural. 

2. Most food places are either fast food or small local restaurants where everyone knows each other.

You will feel out of place in the small town diner when you and 10 of your young college friends bust in looking for food. 


3. Driving in the snow is dangerous and requires intense concentration.

Snow tires and a steady hand will be your best friend. Also think about investing in a snow mobile since those seem to be so common. 


4. If you’re from out of state you’ll realize that everyone and their mother has a cottage up north.

Why is it so common? Everyone instate that you meet will talk about going up to their cottage for the weekend or during the summer. Turns out it is pretty great having friends with cottages you can escape to for any three day weekend. 


5. You’re never more than ten miles away from a lake.

This is perfect for those impromptu iceskating sessions on the lake.


6. Waking up and seeing the sun shining on the frozen lake is a picture perfect way to start your day.

Nothing is better than looking out on the vast block of ice while you’re warm and cozy inside sipping coffee in the early morning. 


7. Chances are, if you’re going with friends, there will be very little skiing involved for most of the group.

Maybe a small group will go but about half of the group will be either too hungover from the night before or too inexperienced to attempt skiing. 


Images courtesy of Giphy.