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7 Ideas for a Fun Spring Break at Home

Spring Break is the perfect time for tanning on sunny Floridian beaches, hitting up In-N-Out on the west coast, or flying down to Cancun with all of your closest friends. However, if you don’t have the time, money, or energy to travel to the warmer regions of the world, then have a great Spring Break right here in the colder climates of the country. Here are some ideas to spend a cold, yet cozy, Spring Break in the north.

1. Cozy up to your television. Whether you’re attempting to catch up on the latest Scandal episode, trying to finish all those classic Audrey Hepburn films, or binge-watching your way through the newest House of Cards season on Netflix, the television is your friend this Spring Break. It’ll offer you hours of entertainment for practically no money at all.




2. Check out the clothing trends for spring. While your Facebook friends are sleeping the day away at the beach, you can be found scouring the spring sale racks at the mall. Although they might come back with a nice tan, you’ll return to school with an even nicer new wardrobe.




3. Read something fun. We know that school can be stressful and extremely time-consuming, but Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to read something for fun instead of that dreary old textbook. So hit up your public library and pick out a new book! Check out this awesome website for some recommendations.


4. Spend time with your family. Instead of spending your break with the same friends that you see everyday at college, spend some quality time with your family at home. After being gone for months on end at college, they surely miss you and would love to see you during your week off.


5. Get ahead on your schoolwork. Although it is a time to rest, Spring Break is the perfect opportunity to get ahead in school. Whether that means reading your English book due next month, starting that essay for psychology, or working on that group project for history, Spring Break is a great time to get your study on.


6. Pick up that old hobby. Remember when you loved knitting scarves? Or how about painting? Spring Break is a great time to get back into the groove of things and pick up that old hobby that you had forgot about. It’s the perfect way to relax and to have fun during a break from school.


7. Call up your friends from home. Although your friends at school may be amazing, your friends from home are probably dying to see you. So whether you check out the new restaurant downtown, hit up the local coffee shop, or just get a quick lunch at Chipotle, Spring Break is perfect for catching up with old friends.


Although Spring Break in an exotic, warm location may sound incredible, it’s possible to have just as much fun (if not more) spending your break bundled up at home!

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