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One of my favorite things about TikTok is finding tons of new hair inspo. There are dozens of hairstyling accounts and thousands of tutorial videos so you can do it on your own! Throughout most of the year I wear braids; long or short, big and small, taking anywhere from an hour to 6 hours to do. Here are some styles I want to try this summer that you can too!

1. Pick and Drop/mermaid braids

These are flowy braids that can be curled using flexi rods and hot water and are reminiscent of the coconut aesthetic from 2022. Some pair this hairstyle with real flowers or flower clips for a springy look. For a full tutorial, check out @rika_rsaaa on TikTok.

@rika_rsaaa on TikTok

2. Dolly braids

Imagine the 90s flipped ends long in braid form. If you worry about long braids making you too hot this summer, then dolly braids are the perfect length to keep you cool. These braids can also be styled in a variety of ways as the creator shows. Check out at @chocolatemilqq where she also does makeup, fashion, and lifestyle content.


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♬ sunet original – Victor drx99
@chocolatemilqq on TikTok

3. french curl braids

French Curl Braids have been one of the most popular styles of 2023, and I’ve seen countless people all over social media wearing them in different colors. These braids use a special type of pre-curled hair referred to as French Curl. Like dolly braids, these can be styled in many ways, most notably with a claw clip.

@princessp3achhh on TikTok

4. Fulani Braids

Fulani describes a group of people that live throughout Africa, typically in West Africa. These braids SCREAM summer! These can be worn curly or straight; you can also add beads to them. This is the perfect style for the beach or a vacation. @temiojoraa is a great source on TikTok and Instagram for hairstyle and color inspiration.

@Temiojoraa on TikTok

5. Kipetaka braids

These are more commonly known on TikTok as Koroba braids. Originating from Madagascar, they are not just beautiful because of their unique styling, but also because of their cultural significance and as a form of expression.   

@pam.tv.show on TikTok

6. micro twists/braids

While these aren’t technically not braids, I wanted to include them on this list, because not only are they incredibly versatile, but they are a great style if you want something more lightweight for the summer. Though they might take FOREVER to do, it is worth it for this beautiful style. 


back from camping y’all 🦭 (so pls ignore the state of my skin and nails) #fypシ #minitwists

♬ Jars of It – Steve Lacy
@turkey_kiwi on TikTok

7. Bohemian “boho” braids

These braids are typically worn long (though can also be short!) and what I love about these braids is the messier, the better! While they may require some maintenance here and there, if you want a style that will last you a while, boho braids are the way to go!


boho knotless braids win every single time. making a tutorial on these next week 🫂 #bohoknotlessbraids #goddessknotlessbraids

♬ You Look Lonely – Experiment – Undoing & 空の & The voice of the Void
@mikaimcdermott on TikTok
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