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57 End of the Semester Thoughts

1.     Just two more weeks, I can do this.

2.     Just need to get through a six-page paper.

3.     That’s nothing.

4.     And four exams.

5.     Oh, and the group presentation tomorrow.

6.     Just two more weeks of homework.

7.     Whose genius idea was it to invent team homework, anyways?

8.     Can’t we just do the whole “college” thing without the “studying” thing?

9.     I can do this.

10.  Two weeks.

11.  Then four months of FREEDOM!!!

12.  Wow, four months is a long time.

13.  I wonder if I’ll get bored.

14.  I should probably get one of those “internship”-thingies my parents keep bugging me about.

15.  Where do I get one of those?

16.  Do you think they’ll pay me?

17.  Maybe I can ask for Fridays off.

18.  Oh, people actually work on Fridays in the “real world”?


20.  That’s zombie time.

21.  There’s not enough coffee in the world that could make me a nice person at 9am.

22.  People really shouldn’t be expected to function until at least noon.

23.  Oh, so they won’t pay me either.

24.  I’m going to be working full time, for free?

25.   At least I’ll be able to hang out with all of my friends all night.

26.  Wait, but my hometown is so boring.

27.  And my school friends are scattered across the country.

28.  This whole summer thing is starting to sound overrated.

29.  At least the weather will be warm!

30.  I shouldn’t be stuck in the library when it’s above freezing outside.

31.  Finals should be illegal when it’s sunny in Michigan.

32.  I really need to get some Vitamin D.

33.  It’s for my health.

34.  Ugh, summer will be so great.

35.  I can hang out by the pool and tan and wear shorts.

36.  And bathing suits.

37.  I should probably try to drop a few pounds.

38.  Wow, so that’s what’s been hiding under those baggy sweaters.

39.  That’s it, only healthy eating from now.

40.  No more ice cream.

41.  No more pizza.

42.  No carbs.

43.  Except cheesy bread.


45.  Finals week calories don’t count, right?

46.  Maybe I should hit the gym.

47.  It’ll get me fit and de-stress me!


49.  Six-week six-pack here I come!

50.  Yeah, but I really don’t have time.

51.  I’ve got a lot to do.

52.  I only have two weeks to finish ALL of this.

53.  I don’t think I can do this.

54.  HELP.

55.  …Mom?

56.  …. Anybody?

57.  Netflix it is.



Photos courtesy of Giphy and Tumblr. 

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