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5 Ways to Fall for Fall: Ann Arbor Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

I have never had the opportunity to partake in the season of fall. Being that I am a freshman at the University of Michigan from South Florida, this is my first-time experiencing fall! Therefore, it is my goal to make my fall experience one that is unforgettable! Here is a list of some of the many fall festivities that are taking place right here in Ann Arbor, so that everyone can make their fall season unforgettable as well:

1. Dexter Cider Mill

Only 20 minutes away from the University of Michigan, The Dexter Cider Mill is the perfect place to get a taste for fall. It provides visitors with delicious cider that is made from locally grown and hand-picked apples. It also offers a number of other apple-related products and baked goods that can be found in their retail shop. Some fan favorites are their caramel apples, apple nut bread, and donuts. If you really FALL in love with the Dexter Cider Mill, you can also purchase “The Dexter Cider Mill Apple Cookbook,” so that you can recreate your fan favorites and indulge in these fall treats all year round!

2. Try Places around Campus with Fall-flavored Foods

It may be hard for students who live in a dorm setting to bake and indulge in foods associated with fall. Although this may be the case for most, there are many local restaurants that provide food to get people into the fall spirit! My personal favorite is the chocolate chip pumpkin bread at Espresso Royale. Additionally, Avalon Café & Kitchen on E. Liberty has a variety of items to bring in the fall season… They serve a Pecan Brown Butter Blondie topped with honeycomb ice cream as well as a Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding that comes with house-made espresso whip cream. These sound like the perfect fall desserts to me!

3. University of Michigan Nichols Arboretum

Born and raised in the South Florida humidity, I love to partake in the weather and scenery that fall brings! I find that Nichols Arboretum is the best place for this. If you enjoy being active, this is the perfect location to take a jog, hike, or even a light stroll with some friends. You may also find it to be the perfect study location, either at a table within the Arboretum, or even sitting on the rocks and overlooking the breathtaking Huron River. Soon enough, the temperature will begin to drop, and the colorful leaves will begin to vanish. It is definitely the time to begin embracing the fall weather before it is too late!

4. Have a Scary Movie Night With Friends

With Fall comes the holiday of Halloween, and there is no better way of getting into the Halloween spirit than watching a classic scary movie with a group of friends. There is a variety of scary movies on Netflix, as well as just some classic, lighthearted Halloween movies. I suggest that you gather your friends, make some popcorn, or even bring in some fall-flavored desserts and have yourself the best movie night of the season!

5. Wiard’s Orchards and Country Fair

Wiard’s Orchards and Country Fair has plenty of fall activities if you are trying to have some fun and get into the fall spirit! Visitors can enjoy u-pick apples, u-pick pumpkins, roaming through a corn maze, and climbing on a hayride. I suggest that you take advantage of the u-pick pumpkins. You can either paint or carve a pumpkin and have it be a fall decoration in your dorm or apartment! In addition to these countless opportunities, I think it would be a great idea to have a mini fall photoshoot with some friends at Wiard’s Orchards and Country Fair! You can definitely capture some amazing photographs to make your Instagram page festive for the fall!

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