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5 Spotify Playlists You Should Be Listening To

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

If I’m walking to class, taking the bus to North Campus, studying, or hanging out with friends, I always have music playing – and of course, my music channel of choice is Spotify. My saved music can sometimes get a little repetitive and some of my friends don’t like some of my music so finding a playlist that works for any social setting is a must. Here are five amazing playlists I use! 

Discover Weekly is a favorite of mine for when I’m studying. Each week the playlist changes depending on what music it thinks you would be interested in so everyone’s playlist will be different. Most of the time it is songs I don’t know so I won’t get distracted and start singing along. However, most of my saved music comes from this playlist because sometimes I hear a song that I instantly like and end up saving it. This also helps keep my saved music updated!

I don’t keep up with artists and know every time they release a new single so New Music Friday is a great playlist that keeps me up to date on what’s new. For example, last week Harry Styles’ new single “Sing of the Times” was on there and then the next day Twitter was blowing up about it and I was able to understand what the buzz was about. This a great playlist whether you’re studying or hanging out friends because chances are everyone will be hearing these songs for the first time.

Songs to Sing in the Shower is a playlist full of songs that make people want to break out and have their own dance party. These songs are songs I definitely sing when no one is around because I will sing them extremely loud and extremely off key. I would recommend this playlist for a girls night in or if you have the house or dorm to yourself and want to dance around. 

Songs to Sing in the Car is the perfect playlist to put everyone in a feel good mood. Whether I’m driving in my car, hanging out with friends, or getting ready to go out I will be singing along and will be instantly put in a good mood. Unlike the Songs to Sing in the Shower, this playlist is less dance party and “lets sing as loud as we can” and more “OMG this use to be my favorite song and I still know every word.”

Lastly, Guess that Tune is the perfect playlist for any social gathering. Whether you’re at the Diag all day with friends or on a 10 hour road trip, Guess that Tune will having everyone singing. With classics, oldies, and even recent hits, everyone can play along guessing the song. However, you better be quick because these songs can be recognized within the first few notes. 

Photos courtesy of Caitlyn Mira and The Verge