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5 Reasons Why My Gap Year was the Best Decision of My Life So Far

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mich chapter.

Thinking about next semester or next year? It is easy for the process of planning to become stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes you may feel like you are being forced to make a decision or being rushed into something you are not ready for. What I am suggesting is to take a deep breath and then look outside of the box. A gap semester or year is the perfect opportunity to take time to pursue your passions and get life experience before starting another year of school. Here are five reasons why my gap year was unforgettable- and why you should consider one too.

1. Taking a gap year forces you to step out of your comfort zone. Traveling to new places and experiencing new opportunities will make you let go of any reservations and just go all out. Post gap year, I feel so much more adventurous and outgoing. Giving each day 100% along with a positive attitude will allow every day to be exciting and fulfilling.

2. You will meet so many new people during the journey of your gap year. It is very easy to develop a deep bond for life with others when you are all in the same situation. My best friend lives in London and we talk every day; I cannot imagine not meeting her last year and not having her in my life.

3. You will be living your best foodie life on your gap year! From amazing salads to insane desserts, I ate the most delicious food that I still think about every day. It is so cool to explore a place through all the different cafes and restaurants that a city has to offer.

4. Get your iPhone storage ready for this: your gap year will provide you with the most stunning and breathtaking views. You will be updating your social media so often, all your Instagram followers will be so jealous! I took thousands of pictures on my gap year and they make me so happy to look back on.

5. One of the best parts of your gap year is how prepared you will be for the next chapter of your life. This period will especially teach you how to manage your time wisely, which is extremely beneficial when you have to balance work and a social life. I also learned how to be independent and attempt “adulting.” No matter what the future will hold, these memories and skills will help you succeed.

I cannot promise you that this decision will be easy to make. However, I hope you can see that it is so beyond worth it. I am the most indecisive person, so it was difficult for me to not only find the right program but also to take a different path than most of my friends were taking. Additionally, I was very nervous for this new chapter, but it is ok to be afraid of change. I am so thankful for all the experiences I had on my gap year and for the personal growth that will continue to guide me. Most of all, I am so thankful I chose to go on a gap year.

Eden Gilan

U Mich '23

Hey! I am Eden Gilan! I am a Freshman at University of Michigan studying Communication and Media. You are most likely to find me drinking coffee at Expresso Royale, scrolling through Instagram for way too long, or eating cool foods with my friends. Go Blue!
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