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The 5 Girls You Meet During March Madness

1. The girl who just hates March

Plain and simple, this girl hates that March steers attention away from normality and towards basketball. Whenever the subject is brought up in front of her, she will complain until the conversation revolves back to the usual gossip or boy drama.

2. The girl who uses March Madness as an excuse to impress guy friends

We’ve all seen her—she’s the ultimate bandwagon fan. Suddenly your BFF who hates sports is wearing a matching jersey with her crush as they cheer on his favorite team together. Does she even know what March Madness is? We aren’t sure. Her crush may be impressed…until she spends the entire game asking him what a “charge” is or why a player got to shoot three free throws instead of two.

3. The girl who has no idea what is going on but wins her dad’s work pool

This girl either carries a lucky rabbit’s foot around with her or is just a really good guesser. Despite the fact that she has not watched a single game of basketball throughout the season (or maybe ever), she still finds a way to win her pool and bring home the big bucks (which she promptly spends on a shopping spree).

4. The girl who uses the tourney as an excuse to go to the bars

This girl is down for any sort of celebration that brings a group of friends together around alcohol. She will gladly don any team’s colors during the Sweet Sixteen if it means tequila shots during TV timeouts or festive, basketball-inspired shooters. No pun intended.

5. The girl who actually cares

This girl is usually drifting towards her groups of guy friends during the month of March because her roommates just don’t understand the excitement of things like a Cinderella team or a buzzer beater win. She can hang with the best of them, talking smack about brackets until the sun goes down.   


No matter which of these categories you fall into, best of luck to all as the phenomenon that is March Madness ensues. We know we’ll be watching!


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