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3 Winter Wardrobe Necessities


We all know how frustrating (and expensive) it can be trying to find tons of different outfits to wear in the winter weather, but there are a few essential pieces that can go a long way.

A Black Puffer Jacket

These jackets are extremely practical; they match everything, they’re slimming, (for a puffy jacket, anyway) and they’re warm! Dress them up with a scarf and some gloves, and you’ll look adorable and warm.


Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are unbelievably versatile. They can be tucked into boots, put on over normal shoes or worn with long, loose shirts or fitted shirts. They’re warmer than leggings but can look like leggings or like pants. And the best part is – they’re so comfortable!


Snow Boots

Yes – most of us have UGG boots; however, when our boots get stained from walking in the snow and we slip and fall, we need something more durable and with traction. That’s why I recommend snow boots. They last forever, you’re less likely to fall, and they wear better than UGG boots do in the snow. (That being said, you should wear your UGG boots before it snows so that they don’t get ruined!)

These three essentials can go with anything and are incredibly beneficial for surviving a Michigan winter!

My name is Jenn. I'm a student at the University of Michigan and I'm double majoring in Communications and Psychology.
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