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As the young adults that we are, we spend a portion of our lives finding connections with others. What do others like that I like too? What music, what movies, what tv shows, what books, etc. We do this mainly because we are looking for a partner, seeking good friendships, or simply because some of us live on interacting with people (trust, could not be me). 
In middle school, being part of a fandom had its challenges! Everyone always had something negative to say about your favorite musical artists, especially if it was a cute 16-year-old Canadian singer or a boyband of four English boys and one Irish boy. 

Being a fangirl in a Latin American country was not made for the weak, if people in your school knew who you were, it was only because of the one singer you like, and don’t get me started on not having the same access to merch or concert tickets to shows like you experience in the U.S. especially when a decade ago a world tour would be (the U.S and Canada). In 2013 I recall when Justin Bieber went to Colombia for the first time, only one show, in the capitol. Of course I was the only one in my entire school that went, and I wasn’t sure what to wear (mind you I was 11years old), but purple was Justin’s favorite color, so we decided purple was the way to go. So many anxious and worrying thoughts disappeared once I entered the Stadium, more girls wearing the same color I was, that indescribable feeling where I thought to myself “I belong here.”
Safe to say that it feels that after Covid-19 Concerts are happening everywhere! But now they have themes; themes that are provided thanks to the Album Cover or Era that artist is going through. Mid-2022 Bad Bunny started his tour “World’s Hottest Tour,” and it was hot because his latest album was named “Un Verano Sin Ti” (A Summer Without You). Fans wore neon colors, bikinis, sunglasses, anything that screamed “summer beach vibes.” For Beyoncé’s 2023 “Renaissance Tour” in 2023, fans wore silver, glitter on dresses, skirts, hats and boots. Being a fan nowadays brings a sense of belonging for many of us. A concert feels like the girl’s bathroom at a club (iykyk) and well, if you do not know, it’s a place full of good vibes and thousands of complements by fellow girlies. 
But did you really think I wasn’t going to talk about the Swifties? Of course they take it to the next (better) level. And I don’t know about you but… they got me feeling 22! Swifties wear costumes/outfits that are very original, either from an album cover, music video characters, Tay Tay’s red-carpet outfits or my personal favorite is when they dress up as a Lyric from any song. It’s a reference that it’s worth comprehending. 
Other than sports, music connects people. It used to be such a privilege to go to one, now it’s more like a therapy session with your friends, where one can scream your lungs out with no judgement. 

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Steph Benavides

U Mass Boston '25

First Generation Latina Student. Born in Boston, MA, raised in Guatape, Colombia.