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You’re Only As Pretty As You Treat People

Your beauty is something that goes far beyond your looks. I have found this to be something that has especially stuck out to me in college.  To be clear, this goes for anyone—not just women. I never thought in college I would meet mean people, but it sure does happen. At this point, we are grown. We have moved far beyond the stereotypes of the perfect blonde cheerleader and popular football player. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unaware that no one cares anymore that they are genetically blessed and it is time for some serious introspection. 

 In my personal experience, if I meet someone, regardless of how standardly good looking they may be, I immediately no longer even remotely consider them a beautiful person if they don’t have the kindness to match it. I understand not everyone has a huge personality, a lot of people are just naturally on the shyer side, which is fine, but there's a clear difference between shy and baseline rude. A smile goes a long long way. 

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If a person does not have a nice personality to match their looks, likely, they are insecure about something in their life and it is important to be aware of that. College is full of people giving the up and down glare, which again, we are grown, so I am not really sure why, but after some experience, I have come to the conclusion that it is because of one thing—they do not actually love themselves, which of course, is not a reason to judge someone because we have all been there, but just remember, if someone is judging you, that is likely why. 

A lot of people ruin it for themselves. For example, if you’re introducing yourself to someone, and they give you a “Hi…..” instead of a “Hey, how are you? It’s nice to meet you!”, run in the other direction (or you can make them realize they are wrong by killing them with kindness, that works too). But remember, you do not need them, they need to work on themself. 

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What is with the people who can simply never say hello to you (pre covid) first at a gathering? I’m sorry but we are ALL on the same playing field here. Be careful how you treat people in college, it can easily bite you in the b*tt in the future. If I look back and remember a time I may not have been my best version of myself, I immediately cringe and wish I could go back and change it, I do not understand how some people live like that every single day. You just are simply not better than anyone. There is nothing funnier to me than an adult person who genuinely believes they have some sort of superiority over other people their age at the same place. I want everyone to love themself the most, I am not saying otherwise, but if you truly love yourself, then you will know how to treat people. Confidence and cockiness are two different things. College has shown me a clear distinction between confident men and women and cocky men and women. If you want to be perceived as “beautiful” or a “bad b*tch”, treat people right. I have never ever in my life met a bad b*tch with a bad personality, you’re going to be old and wrinkly one day, at least have a nice personality to go along with it.

Daniella Sears

U Mass Amherst '23

Daniella is a writer for the Her Campus chapter at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is a sophomore currently studying Hospitality & Tourism Management with a minor Managerial Economics. Outside of writing, Daniella loves spending time with family, playing with her puppy, and trying new recipes!
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