Yes, I’m a grown up, and I’m still obsessed with Disney: Here are the theme park’s 10 best rides

Why are so many adults still obsessed with Disney? I hear this all of the time, and sheepishly admit that I am one of those people over the age of 12 who is still in love with Disney World. 

I have been to Disney just shy of a dozen times through my 20 years, and each time I fall a little more in love with the atmosphere, the rides, and of course, the magic.

Here are, in my opinion, the 10 best rides at Disney World. 


10. Finding Nemo

The Finding Nemo ride at Epcot is hands down one of the most adorable rides at Disney. This slow, kid-friendly ride brings you through the plot of the Pixar movie and introduces you to the characters, while entirely recreating the lively, nostalgic, under-the-sea experience. The ride ends with a beautiful, panoramic view of a real aquarium, complete with live stingrays and yes, Nemo, Dory, and the whole crew. This ride is great for kiddos and adults alike. 


9. Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror

Tied for 9th, the Haunted Mansion and the Tower of Terror are 2 rides which are great for long, hot Florida days. Both rides are inside and dark, which can be a refreshing break from pavement and hot sun. Haunted Mansion takes you on a chilling ride through a spooky manor, while Tower of Terror famously delivers several stomach-churning drops from the heights of a haunted hotel’s elevator. These rides may be little scarier for younger kiddos (although my parents brought me on it when I was 6 and I ended up fine :) )

8. Splash mountain 

Splash Mountain is a great ride for hot days. No matter how many times you go on it, the big drop is so thrilling. One of my favorite things about this ride is seeing the picture of me and my family’s reactions during that iconic drop! Even if you’re not up for going on the ride, watching others cycle through it is so entertaining, especially if you’re looking out for a friend or family member. 

7. Pirates of the Caribbean

For years I have coincidentally started my Disney trip with this ride, and it’s become a bit of a tradition! I always look forward to Pirates of the Carribean. Pirates is another good ride for a hot day. Even though the lines can be long, the whole wait is out of the sun. When I think of Disney, I think of the iconic, saltwater smell of the Pirates ride. Great for kids, this slower ride begins with a thrilling pitch-black drop, followed by a slow water ride through the memorable scenes of a pirate’s life. 



6. 7 Dwarfs mine train

The mine train ride is a newer one, and has quickly become one of my favorites! This ride lets you jump into the world of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and take part in a mining adventure for treasure. As an onlooker, walking by this ride, you’re able to see riders flying by having the time of their life. This is a great family ride, and one I always try to make it to, despite long lines. 


5. Big thunder mountain railroad

Big Thunder Mountain is a classic, and one of my all time favorites. This old-time Western ride walks you through the life of a miner. The whole line to the ride is full of entertaining mining-themed exhibits for kids to play with (adults, you may want to bring some ear plugs). The ride itself is a rollercoaster full of fun twists and turns, out in the open air. Much of this ride can be seen by onlookers. At night you can even see the fireworks from Cinderella’s castle.



4. Soarin'

Another Epcot favorite of mine, Soarin’ takes you on a cinematic journey around the world. Once you are all seated and buckled in, you’re lifted up and surrounded by a giant screen, which simulates a flight around some of the world’s most beautiful places. To really get the full experience, make sure you sit in the front row so that you don’t have people’s feet dangling in front of you. 



3. Expedition Everest

Everest is a classic, thrilling ride through the most famous mountain on earth. The line can be long, but there are interesting artifacts and pretty scenery to keep you occupied while you twist your way to the front of the line. Everest is a high-speed, high-intensity coaster that includes big drops, corkscrews, and backwards stretches in the dark. 


2. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster

Head over to Hollywood Studios to see Orlando transformed into an old-school Hollywood scene. Rock ‘n Roller Coaster is, perhaps, this park’s greatest attraction. This ride takes off full force and leads you on a fast paced musical adventure full of good songs and even better vibes. Don’t let the long lines deter you: your Disney experience isn’t complete without a ride on the Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. 


1. Space Mountain

No matter how many times I go on Space Mountain, I will never get sick of it. This out-of-world ride is another one that can attract a pretty long line… but in my opinion it is well worth the wait. Space Mountain is in the Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom, pretty close to the park entrance. I always try to use my fast passes on Space Mountain so that I can squeeze a few rides in my day. Space mountain is fast, dark, and high energy. I quite literally smile the entire ride, every single time. The feeling when you sit down, buckle in, and prepare to blast off, is one of my favorite parts of going to Disney.


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