Why You Should Be Paying Attention to the Gender Gap in US Politics

Facing the gender gap seems like an impossible task at any level. However, closing this gap in politics may be the most important step in reaching gender equality

Our system of American democracy is based on the promise of equal representation. Each and every demographic that makes up our society has a valuable impact and they deserve proportional influence.

Women make up about 51% of our population. Why then are women a mere 19.3% of the House and 20% of the Senate? That means that women hold just 84 of the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives. 

Out of the fifty states, only six have female governors. While the number of women in state positions is growing, men still represent an overwhelming majority.

If women truly want equality, then we need to make our voices heard in politics. The only way to make our interests a part of active political agendas is to vote for politicians that represent us, that push our issues. We need to support other women in their campaigns to make change and run for office. 

That is not to say that all women have the same ideology, especially when it comes to politics, or that we should vote on any candidate simply because of their gender. Instead, we need to recognize that there are plenty of qualified women waiting to be pushed to the frontline. But in the boy’s club that is US politics, they are constantly pushed back and looked over. 

We need to over emphasize the experience and qualifications of well-known women politicians and try to combat the masculine ethos that discounts their value. Once we show the world that hell won’t freeze over when women get equal representation, we can start making some real progress.   


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