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Why Winter Doesn’t Have to be so Bad: Navigating the Cold Season

Wintertime: it can be a very lonely and dark time of the year for many. With freezing weather, icy storms, and feeling gray, these few months can be hard for a lot of people. If you feel like you can relate, here are some tips on how to make the winter season feel not so cold.

Invest in a durable pair of snow boots: This has to be one of my first recommendations if you live in a snowy state. Having a better pair of snow books is definitely worth spending the extra money on and will make those winter walks and shoveling much less work. 

Get a heated or weighted blanket: Check out this weighted blanket or this heated blanket. I swear by these two things to get me through the winter. I use my heated blanket every night and it’s so cozy. I highly recommend it if you have anxiety or need some extra warmth!

Watch some winter movies: Get in the winter feels by catching up or rewatching some classic movies. Even if the holiday season has passed, these can still boost your mood during the winter!

Get the Snow Joe: I cannot rave enough about this. I saw it from TikTok, and I use it after every snowstorm. Instead of taking fifteen minutes waiting for my car to warm up and wiping off snow, I’m able to get all the snow off of my car within 5 minutes!

Take the time indoors to do something you’ve been putting off: This could be something like reading, learning to cook, even meditating. Being stuck indoors can be difficult, but if you find something you enjoy doing, it can completely change the way you think about wintertime.

Clean around the house: Take this extended time indoors to make your environment more comfortable and clean. I always feel better after I clean my room and it makes it more enjoyable to be in!

Light candles: This is always one of my favorites because using candles around the house and your room will change the mood instantly. Not only does it smell nice, but it also creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. 

Take baths: If you’re able to, taking a warm bath can definitely help with those winter blues. Get some bubble bath and candles to make it even more comforting. 

I know this time of the year can be super difficult, but I hope some of these ideas can help brighten up these cold, dark few months. If you can, try and take this time to focus on yourself and where you’re investing your energy. On the bright side, summer is getting closer each day!

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Elizabeth Mooney

U Mass Amherst '22

As a senior at UMass Amherst, Elizabeth Mooney is studying Community Education and Social Change and is so excited to be writing for HerCampus for her third year! She writes articles on lifestyle, relationships, and college life so check them out! Feel free to follow her Instagram: @lizmooney02
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