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With school picking up, I can’t help but feel guilty after spending hours doom-scrolling on TikTok. Sure, TikTok can be a great outlet for relaxing after a long day of school, but with the app’s design catered to allow you to scroll for hours, this aspect is dangerous. If the time spent on TikTok could be transferred into time put towards studying, my stress levels would be significantly lowered.

Not only do I spend an obnoxious amount of time scrolling for hours, but it has decreased my attention span. Since being back at school, I have constantly found my hand reaching for my phone, whether in class, during time with friends, or doing work. I’m not only reaching for my phone, but instantly opening TikTok and beginning my doom scroll. Seconds quickly begin to turn into minutes, and eventually hours. Time spent scrolling on TikTok feels so short, even though it usually is way more time spent than you originally wanted. 

This creates a cycle that makes me feel extremely guilty, and even worse than how I was feeling before opening the app. I opened it for comfort, an outlet to relax and be entertained, but was left feeling dissatisfied and disconnected from the real world. I feel at fault for not using the time I spent on the app towards something more productive, whether it’s studying, quality time with friends and family, being active, etc. TikTok reminds me of all the things I should be spending time on as opposed to the app. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of benefits. I can confidently say that I have been influenced by videos that have positively affected me. This has been style advice, tips, tricks, or ideas I want to implement in my life in general. It is also an awesome way to stay connected with people. I find so much joy in sending TikToks to my friends and family, and I know my mom would be devastated if she couldn’t quickly click my profile when sending me the million TikToks she usually sends. The thing is, TikTok can still easily be as shared whether you have the app or not. All you have to do is simply click text when sharing a video of the app. The video is easily accessible through the text message whether you have the app or not. This is huge. By deleting the app, you don’t have to give up the relationship it maintains. 

There are times when my friends and I are all sitting in a room together silently watching TikToks on our phones. At times, rotting together is so comforting and enjoyable, but I almost feel as though we are at the point where it takes time away from each other. It has also become so normalized to be on TikTok that I don’t think it’s valid anymore to consider it rude when someone I am spending time with is on it. TikTok has its benefits, but all in all I feel as though I have been a million times more clear-minded and productive since deleting it

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Olivia Boyd

U Mass Amherst '26

Olivia is a sophomore at UMass Amherst studying communications and minoring in political science. Some of her passions include traveling, being active, trying new food, and watching sunsets. Growing up in Amsterdam, Olivia has traveled all across Europe and hopes to live there one day.