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Why Every College Girly Can Relate To the Movie “How To Be Single”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

*Warning: Spoilers for How to Be Single ahead!*

I’ve never been in a relationship before and sometimes think that I have become a little bit too comfortable with being alone. But, I’ve learned that it’s not a bad thing and that there is a timeline for everything that is meant to happen in your life. There is also absolutely nothing better than being young, hot, and single during your 20s. The romantic comedy How to Be Single perfectly embodies the journey many single girls go through, whether they left a relationship or have simply never been in a relationship. I came across this movie when scrolling through Hulu and instantly knew it would be hilarious when I saw that Rebel Wilson from the Pitch Perfect series was in it. 

Although the characters in the movie are not college students, I believe many girls in college can relate to just having fun and enjoying being single with their friends. Who knows…maybe you find “the one” in the most unexpected place or meet someone and casually hang out with them. Alice, the main character in the movie, thought she found “the one” in college and was in a committed relationship. However, she believed that her life had become boring, and broke up with him because she wanted to experience new things and be adventurous. She then meets her new co-worker, who absolutely loves to go out and party and teaches her how to live the single lifestyle. 

My biggest takeaway from this movie was the ending when Alice became truly comfortable with being single. She spent the whole movie thinking that she had to have a man in her life in order to make her happy, even if she wasn’t in a relationship. She comes to this realization when her college boyfriend finally wants her back. Alice was just obsessed and craved the idea of being in love, but lost who she was along the way. She spent too much time wanting that validation to feel good that she wasn’t able to focus on herself. The ending of the movie shows her going to the gym, hiking the grand canyon, and finally being comfortable with being alone. The best project you can focus on is yourself. It is empowering to be independent, and I am glad that this is one of the rare romance movies where the main character doesn’t end up in love with a man.

It can be easy to get hooked on the idea that you need to date and fall in love in college because everyone else is doing it. However, I have learned that there is no better time to be alone and focus on yourself than during your college years. I’ve been prioritizing myself, and it has significantly helped my mental health. There is so much time after college to experience dating. College is a time to figure out who you are and explore new things. 

This movie has a wholesome message and I definitely recommend watching it if you want a good laugh or just want a good comfort movie to always fall back on.

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Harneet Kaur

U Mass Amherst '24

Harneet Kaur is a Senior at UMass Amherst majoring in marketing in the Isenberg School of Management. She is extremely excited to be writing for Her Campus and thinks it's a great way to kick off her time at UMass. Along with writing, she enjoys listening to music, walking her dog, and playing the guitar in her free time.