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Now, this is coming from a once Wattpad addict and a girl that’s built her whole romance fantasy based on the books she read when she was 11. I know my Wattpad books more than I know myself sometimes. From Chasing Red to My Sexy Kidnapper to Roommates and 234’s Lifelines; these were books that taught me more than any sex-ed session or talk I ever had.

Wattpad was a huge escape for me because I could finally create the version of the boy I deemed perfect. I would stare into space and figure out the attributes he’d have or the color of his hair and the industry he’d work in; knowing fully well this would never happen in real life. I like to think this improved my intellectual health and made me creative even though I centered all my fantasies around the same thing.

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Finding new Wattpad books to read felt like winning a lottery; especially the ones that kept me on the edge. I would be so excited read a book and tell my friends why I loved it and parts I hated. But what happens when I find out one of my favorite Wattpad books is going to be turned into a film.

There are a few problems I have when there is a film adaptation of a book I’ve already read. It’s either some tiny details that are relatively important are cut out from the book or the character description in the book is way different from the character in the movie or the plot of the story is too unrealistic to make a movie. Sometimes a Wattpad book needs to stay a Wattpad book and After is on the top of that list.

I never knew about After before the movie came out, but I decided to read the books before I watched the movie; this allowed me to grasp the original story with all the details before watching the movie that could potentially not be the same.

Hardin Scott. There are a lot of things I have to say about how his character was portrayed, but I’m going to address his physical features. In the book, Hardin was portrayed as the typical ‘bad boy’ with a big build, tattoos and the famous motorcycle. In the movie, I didn’t think Hero Fiennes Tiffin was the best actor to portray Hardin’s features.

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One thing that’s very common with Wattpad books that are in a series is the story line being dragged. Now this is okay when it’s a book because you can always skim through the parts that are mentioned repeatedly, but it’s hard to do that with a movie. It was down to pin down the actual plot of the movie. What exactly was going on? How come she was cheating on him in every movie? How come they were always fighting and arguing? You would think they would at least try to switch things up in the movie to make it at least more interesting but it all just ended up being very repetitive.

I understand the author wanted to try something new by making the book a movie but sometimes, Wattpad books need to remail Wattpad books.

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