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Which Track of “Midnights” Are You? Take My Quiz to Find Out.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Taylor Swift’s long-awaited tenth studio album finally dropped last week, and I felt a shift in the universe. Midnights is a masterpiece, but I’m not even surprised. Taylor is a genius. If you’ve started to wonder which track you are, I made a quick quiz to help you find out. My suggestion: answer each question honestly and without thinking about it too much. Be sure to keep track of your answers so you can tally them up at the end! Here we go:

1. The clock strikes midnight. You are…

(a) fantasizing about your soulmate

(b) feeling self-critical

(c) doing your makeup (to take selfies in your room)

(d) crying

2. Pick a color:

(a) white

(b) blue

(c) black

(d) red

3. Which Taylor album is your go-to?

(a) folklore

(b) 1989

(c) reputation

(d) RED (Taylor’s Version)

4. Pick your least favorite person who has done Taylor wrong:

(a) Scooter Braun

(b) John Mayer

(c) Kanye West

(d) Jake Gyllenhaal

5. Pick an object:

(a) cardigan

(b) clock

(c) snake

(d) scarf

6. Which quote resonates with you the most?

(a) “I’m just too soft for all of it”

(b) “I’m a monster on a hill”

(c) “I did something bad”

(d) “I’m just a kid”

7. Complete the sentence: Love ____.

(a) is beautiful.

(b) is the least of my problems right now.

(c) makes me crazy.

(d) hurts.

Your Results

Search for your combination of answers below to find your song!!

If you chose all (a)’s: your song is “Sweet Nothing.” You love feeling cozy and secure, away from the bustle and stress of the outside world. Your bed is your favorite place to be, and even more so if you’re sharing it with the person you love. Sometimes the world can make you feel overwhelmed, but once you return to your safe place, your head clears and you find inner peace. You long for someone who will love you just the way you are (or maybe you’ve already found them).

If you chose all (b)’s: your song is “Anti-Hero.” You tend to overthink every move you make, and you often see yourself as the villain in other people’s lives. In actuality, you are just being haunted by people who have made you feel worthless in the past. You are so incredibly loved, and you deserve to show some of that love to yourself!

If you chose all (c)’s: your song is “Vigilante Sh*t.” You are mysterious and sophisticated…until your lines are crossed. Then the claws come out. When a loved one’s been wronged, you don your eyeliner and set off into the night to make unsuspecting men pay for their crimes.

If you chose all (d)’s: your song is “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” You might’ve felt like an outsider when you were growing up, but that taught you how to stand strong on your own. You now appreciate your intense love for your friends as a strength instead of a weakness, and you’re able to tell who’s deserving of your time and who isn’t.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s and (b)’s: your song is “Mastermind.” You have a bad habit of thinking that the people who love you only do because you’ve manipulated them into feeling that way. In reality, you’re just super self-critical and they actually just love you. Like, a lot. So deal with it!

If you chose a combination of (a)’s and (c)’s: your song is “Karma.” Maybe you’ve been healing from some heartbreak for a while, and you’re finally realizing that you aren’t culpable for the pain you feel; that’s someone else’s mistake! So when it comes to karma, you can rest assured that you’re in the clear. The people who were laughing at you? Yeah, they won’t be laughing for long. What goes around comes around, and the universe has your back.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s and (d)’s: your song is “The Great War.” You’ve been through so much, but your loved ones keep you grounded and give you the strength to keep fighting.

If you chose a combination of (b)’s and (c)’s: your song is “Bejeweled.” You have a history of being mistreated by lovers, but no more! You finally know your worth, and you’re not willing to dull your shimmer for anyone ever again. The right person will love to watch you shine!

If you chose a combination of (b)’s and (d)’s: your song is “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve.” Oof. The “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” of Midnights (3am Edition), this song delves into some unspeakable pain. If this is your song, it means you’ve really been through it. Maybe you have a lot of regrets about the people you’ve trusted or the connections you’ve made. Remember that the hurt you feel is their fault, not yours. You never deserved it.

If you chose a combination of (c)’s and (d)’s: your song is “Question…?” When it comes to relationships, you might feel yourself being a little paranoid. It’s only because you’ve felt heartbreak before, and you don’t want history to repeat itself. You deserve someone who will answer all your questions and reassure you of their feelings whenever you need it.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s, (b)’s, and (c)’s: your song is “High Infidelity.” You’re a free spirit that dreads being tied down. You also tend to flee at the first sign of trouble in a relationship; a tactic that has kept you safe but has also caused you a lot of heartache. You might have some regrets, but ultimately, you should be proud that you have protected your peace.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s, (b)’s, and (d)’s: your song is “Labyrinth.” You’ve been hurt in past relationships before, and maybe you resolved to give up on love entirely. As soon as you stopped looking, you suddenly encountered a person who made you feel safe enough to open your heart again.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s, (c)’s, and (d)’s: your song is “Maroon.” You hang memories in your heart like polaroids and remember all the little details of every connection you’ve made. Sometimes the memories can make you feel nostalgic, but most times, you’re able to look back on them like precious pieces of art.

If you chose a combination of (b)’s, (c)’s, and (d)’s: your song is “Dear Reader.” You’re the “therapist friend” and usually help guide your pals through difficult times of their lives, but you’re going through it too. You might feel a bit hypocritical giving advice when your own life is so turbulent, but you should know that your friends love, appreciate, and trust you so much.

If you chose a combination of (a)’s, (b)’s, (c)’s, and (d)’s” your song is “Lavender Haze.” You hate answering questions about your love life and prefer to keep your personal life personal. You really couldn’t care less about what other people think of you, and you love to exist in your own little corner of the universe, away from the chaos.

Well, there you have it. If you haven’t listened to Midnights (3am Edition), this is your sign to get streaming! Let me know which track is your favorite (if you can even narrow it down to just one). Happy listening!

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