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What Your Go-To Fall Shoe Says About You

Fall is officially here, and despite the 80 degree weather, we are all going to start seeing fall shoes being broken out. People say eyes are the windows to the soul, but shoes are the windows to your fashion style. They make or break an outfit, and I’m here to tell you what your fall shoe of choice says about you. Also: these are all meant to be funny observations and I am not a fashion designer. I may poke fun, but I actually own all of these shoes.


No, she’s not a wannabe construction worker. Timberlands are a staple of fall fashion and are definitely here to stay. They were made to be worn with flannels and to crunch over the yellow and orange leaves littering the ground. If you wear Timberlands, you always make your own path. If you can cut across the grass to make a trip on the sidewalk shorter, you do it. Fall is both your favorite and saddest season. Yes, you get to bring out your cute boots, but with cold weather goes the windows-down country music that we all know you secretly jam to. 


It is not even November and around campus I have seen so many pairs of UGGS. I hate to break it to you, but UGGS are officially “cheugy.” I know they are comfortable, but if you’re still wearing UGGS in 2021 you’re definitely pairing them with skinny jeans and a long-sleeve PINK top. Please, for everyone else’s sake and more importantly for your own, take a quick trip to Goodwill and donate those bad boys.

Black Platform boots

As far as fall shoes go, these are the newest on the market. I’m not judging, I just got my pair of Asos black platform boots in the mail, but I have to admit they are on track to becoming basic. They are extremely trendy and go with every outfit. If you are wearing these boots, you love how tall they make you feel, and put them on just to reach the top cabinet.

White Sneakers

Yes, although it’s a pretty basic option, a crisp white sneaker is always a great bet. There are options now, aside from regular Air Force Ones. White platform hightop Converse are making their way to the center stage of the market and will be taking over fall fits. You like to play it safe, but no one can ever tell you that your outfit doesn’t match. It does take you longer than most to get to class because you are constantly watching out for puddles and goose poop around the pond so that you don’t get your clean white shoes dirty. You say you don’t mind wearing them out to a party, but then you spend the whole next day scrubbing dirt off.

Doc Martens

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit it, you are pretty cool. Not everyone can pull off Doc Martens, plus you deserve to have a fire shoe game after enduring the pain of breaking them in. You definitely found Tame Impala before everyone else and now you’re mad that they are mainstream. We can always count on you to have the best thrift shopping places and never to be a fashion gatekeeper.


In the summer, I stan Birkenstocks. But people: it’s October. If you’re wearing Birkenstocks in the fall, you have no fear and somehow you aren’t cold. Be honest, you used to be a VSCO girl, didn’t you? That’s okay, me too, and we are stronger because of it. You are totally into everything organic and are in all of the sustainable clubs on campus. We all secretly wish we had your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify because your music taste is impeccable.

When you are rushing to catch the bus, the simple act of choosing which shoes to wear might seem small, but it isn’t. Clothes, and especially shoes, say a lot about you as a person. Are you adventurous? Are you trendsetter? Maybe you are all about comfort in your go-to shoe. Take pride in your style; your shoes are introducing yourself before you do!

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