What to Wear to Sorority Recruitment

With UMass Amherst recruitment approaching fast (9 days!), knowing what to wear is crucial. It's important to keep both your options and mind open. The sororities here at UMass are unique since they make up a small part of the university, but they have such a large impact on the campus. The chapters are highly involved through out the university and look for quality girls over quantity. They want girls who have it ALL! Style, class, determination, and of course girls who know how to have fun. During recruitment you want to show everything you've got! The key is to look clean, fresh, and all in all super cute. This doesn't mean you have to dress plain and boring, but it doesn't mean you need to dress super bold either. The most important thing is to take your style and apply it to each day. Be yourself, because that is what they are truly looking for.

During my recruitment week I had no idea what to wear. I went into it basically blindfolded and wish I had someone to help me. I knew it was important to be myself so I just did me and rocked whatever I could put together for each day of recruitment. It’s every potential new members goal to look fabulous while walking into each recruitment party. For me it was important that I impressed the girls. Now being on the other side I know it’s not about having the best shoes or the best bag, it’s about being who you truly are. The UMass sorority girls are not your stereotypical sorority girls. They don’t care if your dad is the CEO of a company, if you have 3 Louis Vuitton bags or if your family own 15 houses. The want real girls and they want to see who you really are. The best way to do that is through your wardrobe.  Here are a few tips to rock your look and help you look awesome for each day of recruitment:


Dresses are a great outfit but it’s important to make sure that they don’t come off as trashy. Simple patterns work really well on dresses. Stripes, polka dots, floral or any subtle pattern would make the perfect dress for recruitment. Don’t wear a floral that is too overwhelming. It will distract from the conversation. Also try to stay away from animal prints that are bold. They come off as overwhelming and might send a message that you wore it to last night's frat party.


This is when you have the opportunity to show your style off.  The newest sensation is maxi skirts. Pair it with a cute simple top and you will send the message that you can dress cute and still be comfortable. Short flowy skirts or shorts can also look great when paired with a cute blouse or blazer. Remember to steer clear of the really bold patterns. Keep it a little more simple. Trust me there are other ways to show your bold personality than to wear a skirt that looks like it could have been worn at an 80s rave.


Some think jeans are totally not acceptable, but they are. You can pair them with a cute shirt, blazer, or sweater (if it's cool enough that day). You can also wear a variety of shoes with them to give them all different types of looks. Jeans are something that you can dress up or down so take advantage of that! A pair of colored jeans can look great too. You can wear bright colors, just make sure they complement your hair and skin tone. 


My favorite part of an outfit is the accessories. For recruitment, it’s best to go for simple bracelets and rings. Statement necklaces are great, as well as simple pendants. Again you don’t want it to be too overwhelming and look like you're trying too hard, so don’t go overboard with the jewelry. Keep it simple and classy.


Keep in mind you will be walking everywhere for a week. Heels/wedges would obviously look cute but are not needed. You can look just as cute and rock your outfit with an awesome pair of flats, sandals, or boots.  If your outfit is neutral go for a bolder colored shoe. If your outfit is more colorful go for a neutral shoe.

Hair and Makeup

Use hairstyles that are simple and cute! Change it up for each day. Maybe wear your hair up one day, down the next and curly the next. Show some variety and show off your personality! For makeup you want to keep it super clean and natural. If you over do it, it’s going to look like you're trying too hard. So save the drastic makeup for Friday night and just keep it simple.

Outfits to Steer Clear Of

Although some outfits may be super cute to wear out at night, they don’t necessarily send the right message to other girls. All I’m saying is keep the low cut shirts, crop tops, short shorts, tight mini-skirts and body con dresses in your dorm rooms, girls. It's not a night out on the town it's an afternoon in a sorority house full of girls. You don’t want them to get the wrong idea. 

Be yourself! Apply these tips to your wardrobe and you’ll be golden. Remember to have fun with it. These girls want to impress you just as much as you want to impress them!