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What It’s Like to Have A Big Family, As Told By the Kardashians

There’s nothing like having a big family!

You find out a lot about yourself when someone in your family is going through a rough patch.

Sometimes, money can be tight, but on the bright side, your family teaches you how to spend wisely.

And while sometimes there’s moments of tension…

You know that your family will always defend you when you need them to.

Your family is there to offer you great advice…

Especially when you’re being super dramatic.

They can be really suffocating at times.

They appreciate the good things in life.

Most of all, there’s always somebody to have fun with.

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Mariah Scafidi

U Mass Amherst

Mariah is a journalism major at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She minors in education and hopes to pursue a career in sports and entertainment journalism. She has a penchant for being overly dramatic about celebrities and athletes she doesn't know. You can follow her on Twitter @ryescaf.
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