What the Emojis We Use Really Mean: As Told By Gifs

Emojis are a integral part of how some Collegiettes communicate nowadays. Your best friend may send you a "heart-eyes" emoji, letting you know how adorable your new outfit is, or your crush send you a smirk to be a little flirty. However, sometimes it’s not that easy to tell what a certain emoji is supposed to mean. So here’s a breakdown of what emojis really mean as told by gifs.

When someone hits you with this running emoji, they really mean:

When someone sends you the monkey covering its mouth:

When your joke is on point and someone sends you a laughing emoji...

There's also a cheeky, blushing emoji you can send someone when they give you a cute compliment:



When your friend has planned an eventful weekend for you guys, she'll send you this:


Here's one for when you say something embarrassing that you wish you could take back:

And for when you're in a groovy mood and you want everyone to know, you have to use this one:


There's also one for when you're sad because your significant other didn't text back:


There's also one for when the dining hall runs out of Mac & Cheese right before you get in line...

When you fail an exam you really thought you did well on, this emoji sums up that feeling pretty well:

You can use the awkward moon emoji with close friends:

 Your roommate will probably send you this emoji if you lock her out by accident:


Here's one for when your friend finally cracks a funny joke and you're proud, you can send them this one:


Here's an emoji for when you read something that you feel deep down in your soul:

Here's one for when you say something sassy and need to make your point:

When your friend or significant other takes a good selfie, you can show your appreciation through one of these emojis:

When your best friend is feeling emotional and sends you lots of hearts, they basically mean...

Here's one for when you're killing an exam and deserve some validation:

This one works for when you're acting a bit high maintenance and have no shame about it:

Your friend might send you this emoji to express her happiness that you guys are so similar:

Finally, my personal favorite, the smirk that says it all:



May you use your emojis wisely and plentifully. Happy communicating, millennial Collegiettes!