Ways to Be Single and Fabulous This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Couples holding hands and ice skating, cuddling by the fire sipping cocoa, buying each other thoughtful gifts… and you asking yourself why the hell you’re still single. Wouldn’t you like to share this time of year with somebody special? Well, yes. Which is why I will be celebrating this time of year with my favorite person – myself.

Of course, it can get a little lonely drinking an entire bottle of pink moscato and watching Love, Actually for the 700th time. That's why this list is designed to make you the envy of everyone at the party. Because I’ll let you in on a little secret… being single during holidays is actually the best.

1. You can spend the money you would’ve spent on a gift for them on a gift for yourself.

2. You don’t have to deal with anyone’s family but your own.

3. You can make up hilarious lies about a pretend boyfriend to your family to mess with them (trust me, it’s hilarious).

4. You can take pictures of yourself doing coupley things alone and be a funny gem of a human.

5. You can kiss all the cute humans under the mistletoe.

6. You can run around in footie pajamas and not care what you look like.

7. You don’t have to compromise on which winter movie you want to see. Star Wars: the Force Awakens, Sisters, both? Your pick.

8. You can make fun of all the couples you see like a true cynic, very satisfying.

So clearly, you’ve made the right choice staying single for the holiday season. Maybe Bridget Jone’s Diary could’ve been made better by living this solo life. Either way, do it up and thrive under the mistletoe this year. 

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