The Ultimate Guide to Festival Season

As the snow begins to melt, and the warm weather starts to roll in, we’re reminded of the return of our favorite season, festival season that is. There’s nothing we love more than an entire weekend dedicated to seeing our fave alternative bands and getting faded amongst a sea of hipsters and other self-proclaimed “trendy” individuals. If you’ve never been to a music festival before, that’s okay. Now that almost all of the lineups have been released and we’ve had time to emotionally process them, we’re giving you the lowdown on which festivals to attend, what bands to look out for, and how to properly prepare yourself for a three day rager.

Governor's Ball - New York City

If you’re strapped for cash and trying to stay semi-local this summer, Gov Ball in NYC is the place to be. To be honest, the first time we read the lineup and found out that not only were The Strokes and Vampire Weekend headlining, but also that Childish Gambino, Tyler and Earl Sweatshirt were going to be there, we may have shed a single tear. They must be trying to make up for the fact that last year it rained for three days straight, which resulted in ankle deep fields of mud and us having PTSD about being whacked in the head with a mud covered beach ball. In spite of that, Gov Ball also left us with some pretty great memories, and given the lineup this year, we’d be more than happy to brave that sh*tstorm again.

Bonnaroo - Manchester, Tennesee

Bonnaroo is kind of what we imagined Woodstock to be like way back when, basically just a huge sleepover in your car with all your friends, and lots of beer, hippies and happiness. This year’s lineup is pretty much flawless, with big names like Kanye, Arctic Monkeys, Slightly Stoopid, Phoenix, and Ice Cube. Also on the roster are some smaller, lesser-known acts like Neutral Milk Hotel, Grouplove, and Washed Out. Oh my god, the things that we’d do to go to this are shameless.

Coachella - Indio, California

One of our ultimate fantasies is to attend Coachella, bump into Aaron Paul or Ian Somerhalder, and have a passionate three day long love affair. Seriously though, what could be better than partying it up in the desert with a bunch of your favorite celebs? Ugh, if only our parents would consider giving us 1000 dollars for VIP passes, plane tickets, and a new bohemian wardrobe from UO. *sighs*

Sasquatch - George, Washington

Imagine, if you will, that you're sitting atop a hill, looking out into endless mountains, while listening to your favorite band play a set. What you’ve just pictured is Sasquatch. Taking place in the Gorge Amphitheatre, Sasquatch is an event that promises a scenery environment, great music, and probably has the most chill people in attendance, in terms of festivals. Some of the notable artists playing this year include: Atmosphere, Frank Ocean, and Mac Demarco, and a few of our personal favorites at the moment, like Palma Violets and St. Lucia.

So Collegiettes, thus concludes our list of, in our opinion, the best festivals of the year. Remember to dress in your cutest outfits, stash your flasks in your pants, take lots of pictures, and get ready to rage because Festival Season is almost upon us!

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