To Trump Supporters Who Aren't Prejudiced

The stress of the election has finally started to pass. People are coming to terms with the results and it is clear that come January, Donald Trump will be President of the United States.

Over the course of the campaign, Trump has said some things that upset people; this may seem obvious and vague, but to many Trump supporters, the fear of his victory and upcoming four years in office is unjustified. However, I would like to directly address Trump supporters who are not racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, or bigoted in any way. To those people, I say thank you.

Here’s the thing: voters who supported Clinton did not get their candidate, and you did—congratulations, genuinely. It must feel great.

However, I can tell you from the other side that losing is less fun. Understand this: we are not whining because we lost, we are scared because you won, and certain communities have been targeted already.

But here’s what’s important: you voted for Donald Trump, not because you hate the LGBTQ community, not because you don’t think #BlackLivesMatter, not because you live in fear of Muslim people—but because you support his policies as a Republican, whether it's tax reform, health care, or other campaign promises. You voted for Donald Trump because you genuinely believe in his platform as a businessman. Fine. 

However, if you do not hate the people and the communities who are scared of the future president, if you support equality for all people in this country, say something. You can support your ideals without harming the livelihood of marginalized groups, which is awesome news.

So, this is the deal: you can have your moment of victory with Trump, but during the next four years, if you voted for Trump—not because you hate your POC, queer, non-Christian, immigrant peers, but because you truly think Trump can “make America great again”—this is your chance to prove that you are not hateful.

Over the next four years, you will be presented with many opportunities to prove that your vote for Trump does not make you a hateful person who wishes to marginalize minority communities. Prove that you care, please. For many, their safety and their livelihoods depend on their fellow citizens caring enough about the lives of those around them to stop injustices and prejudice.

Stand up for what’s right. You got your candidate, and we are willing to work with you, but only if you work with us, too. If you truly wish for this country to be “great again,” you need to include everyone, because we aren’t going anywhere and we will stand up for our rights

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