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Three Places For The Recent College Graduate

Let’s face it – most of us have only experienced the world through the internet. We dream of traveling to these beautiful cities one day to see it firsthand. As a fresh college graduate, what better time than now? Traveling will not only help with self discovery, but will open your eyes to different cultures and experiences.

1. Quebec, CanadaQuebec is a beautiful city that gives off a European vibe. With its cobblestone streets, boutiques, and French speaking citizens, you’ll find the city to be incredibly charming. Some of the things to do here include strolling around breathtaking Old Quebec, or visiting the stunning Place Royale.

2. Tokyo, JapanOld and new, in one city. Although Tokyo is known for its futuristic culture, you still get to experience tradition in this city. In the day, visit Meiji Shrine, a famous Shinto Shrine located in the city. At nighttime walk around the bright, lit up buildings and enjoy food at one of the more unique restaurants, such as Robot Restaurant.

3. Santorini, GreeceKnown for its beautiful beaches and unique white buildings, Santorini is the ideal place to go for people who enjoy the outdoors. You could choose to stay in either Fira or Oia, but each are accessible by bus. During the day, walk through the streets and go shopping while admiring the views of the ocean. Santorini is also known for its sunset so remember to keep a camera on hand!

Happy traveling, Collegiettes!

Source 1/2/3

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