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The Fashion Influencers That Inspired My Semester Abroad Style

After several months of hard work, planning, and anticipation, I embarked on my semester abroad in Spain in January 2022. While overseas, I embraced everything that the city of Seville had to offer including the food, art, history, and culture. In addition, I have always been fascinated by European fashion and strived to emulate the impeccable style shared by chic individuals around the globe while abroad. The tips and tricks I picked up from these European fashion influencers were invaluable in curating my semester abroad style. Whether you are traveling abroad yourself, or simply looking to up your game with some European fashion inspiration, this article is for you! 

Camille Charriere

With over one million followers on Instagram, Camille has come to be known as an arbiter of French style. Although she grew up in France, living in London for the majority of her adult life has encouraged her to take fashion risks while still exhibiting classic Parisian elegance. Scrolling through her Instagram, you will see that she combines the influence of a wide range of style icons, whether it’s Jane Birkin’s signature 1960s style or the risque slip dresses associated with Kate Moss in the 90s. According to Camille, when it comes to personal style, it’s not about name brands, but how clothes shape how we feel about ourselves, and how we wish to present ourselves to others. If you need more guidance, I highly recommend checking out her YouTube collaboration with Alexa Chung, where the two discuss all things fashion, ranging from investing in the classics, playing with fun accessories, and rocking oversized outerwear. 

 Lucy Williams

Traveling around the world for work, Lucy has definitely picked up a thing or two when it comes to incorporating fun colorful pieces into her wardrobe. Although she does the majority of her posting on Instagram nowadays, she initially launched her career with her fashion and travel blog, Fashion Me Now. Digging into the archives of her former blog posts, I feel inspired to not only invest in a film camera, but to channel retro-inspired swimwear, bucket hats, and Teva sandals. When she’s back in London, Lucy returns to her roots with a focus on quality denim, leather, and vintage finds. She is authentic and carefree and knows how to find clothing that flatters her shorter frame, which is particularly helpful for someone like me, who stands tall at 5’2. Oh, and did I mention she has a jewelry collection in collaboration with Missoma? Seriously, what can’t this girl do?

Sabina Socol

Based in Paris, Sabina has been referred to as a modern-day Bridget Bardot and is a self-proclaimed Carrie Bradshaw fashion enthusiast. Despite her Parisian roots, she finds ways to incorporate American fashion icons, all well retaining her classic French girl-inspired look. She knows what looks good, and is not afraid to restyle staple pieces again and again. Some of her go-to’s include high-waisted blue jeans, cropped cardigans, and statement accessories. Her Instagram is a reminder not to be afraid of going braless and to embrace 90s-inspired matte lipstick. You can also check out some of her articles as a correspondent for Who What Wear here.

Anne Laure Mais

Finally, last but not least is Anne Laure Mais. When she is not attending fashion week, she is rocking cut-out dresses, claw clips, and neutral colors in a wardrobe founded on staple pieces. She loves classic sandals, printed sundresses, and a powerful oversized blazer to pull together any look. Mais knows travel style, and when she is not in Paris you will likely find her at the beach in a chic cover-up, printed bikini, or classic linen shirt.

While these influencers offer some valuable fashion inspiration, the most important thing to remember while abroad is to embrace the culture, have fun, and be yourself! 

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