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We all love Instagram for many different reasons: some like it for the fashion, some like it for the celebrities, some like it for their friends, and some like it for the cute animals…especially the puppies. There are so many different accounts to follow that there is no way for one person to know all of them. The dogs of Instagram constitute some of the best accounts out there because really, who can resist a cute puppy? (No one.) Everyone knows @marniethedog and her dangling tongue, as well as @jiffpom and his perfectly fluffy hair. But there are so many more awesome accounts to follow to brighten your day the next time you scroll through your feed.

1. @tunameltsmyheart

This is Tuna the dog’s profile. His “mom” uses him to promote pet adoption and fostering because that is how she found Tuna. He has a cleft lip and an overbite because of it, and he might just be one of the cutest little things ever. He travels the country and has his own merchandise business that includes a book, mug, and t-shirt. Tuna loves to dress up so his profile is filled with him in cute costumes.

2. @cheeky_chis

This is an account of five little chihuahuas and their everyday lives. These little dogs are just living life and playing together all the time. There are a lot of pictures of them yawning, and what is better than a little puppy yawn? These dogs are just too adorable to ignore.

3. @ellabeanthedog

This pup was rescued from a puppy mill and is now living the diva life. She can be seen at happy hour, in cute little outfits, traveling the world, and also working hard to be able to do these things. The link in her bio leads to Ella’s blog with information on puppy mills and pet stores breeding and selling dogs for profit, as well as pictures from her travels. For such a little dog, she is living the best life possible. It’s hard not to double-tap each picture you see.

4. @daisy_rae_dachshund

This account shows us what it is like to be a little puppy in this great big world. Her first picture is her first day at home, and the rest chronicle her fun life as a dog. She can be seen playing with her toys, sleeping, frolicking in the grass, and wearing a costume or two. As a puppy who isn’t even one year old yet she is the cutest thing that will definitely brighten your day.

5. @chloetheminifrenchie

This is another traveling dog living her best life. She is seen with a smile in most of her pictures and is just the happiest dog ever. One of the greatest things about her is the pink glasses that she wears a lot, whether she’s in bed, on the couch, doing “work,” or in a costume. Chloe is definitely one to follow.

6. @wolfgang2242

This is an account run by a man that rescues senior dogs and also has a pig, rabbits, a chicken, and ducks. There are nine dogs in this man’s house and he both showcases each one separately and how they interact with each other. Each dog’s personality can be seen in the pictures he posts—they are some of the cutest dogs you will ever see. He also tells how they came into his life, and because of this he helps promote the adoption of older dogs to make sure they have homes along with the cute puppies.

There are more accounts out there than just these—a simple search of a specific breed or a quick browse through your discover page will bring you to some of the cutest dogs of Instagram!

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