The Struggles of Moving from Eastern to Western Massachusetts

Even though we move from literally one side of the state to another, the Eastern and Western parts of Massachusetts are very different. This can cause a lot of struggles for Collegiettes who call Eastern Massachusetts home. These are just a few of these struggles:

1. A quick ride to Boston is not so quick anymore. 

Want to take a shopping trip to Faneuil Hall or go to a Celtics game? Sorry, that’s a two-hour bus ride.

2. Land is everywhere.

If you’re from a town off the coast, you miss the sweet smell of the ocean and the sound of seagulls everywhere. Sure, lakes and rivers are great, but nothing beats the Atlantic.3. It seems like civilization is in such far reach.

Don’t get me wrong, the mountains and overall scenery of Western Mass are absolutely gorgeous, but sometimes you just need a day at the mall surrounded by hundreds of people to make you feel alive.4. Where’s Dunks?

In Eastern Massachusetts, it seems like Dunkin’ Donuts are just feet away from each other. Local coffee shops are adorable, but sometimes I just need my classic Dunks order.5. Everything is local or organic.

It’s great to eat healthy and have foods from places around you that you can trust, but trying to figure out if you’ll like these options instead of the brand names you know and love can be tough.

Thanks to Western Mass, Collegiettes from Eastern Massachusetts are able to experience something very different from what they’ve always known. The beauty and uniqueness of this place is definitely what makes these struggles tolerable. Still though, no matter where you're from, nothing beats home. 

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