The Struggles of Going to a Different School than Your Best Friend

We all have great friends at school; some are even lucky enough to go to the same college as their best friend. However, those of us who aren't so lucky have to deal with the daily struggles of being separated from our BFF.

There are plenty of people you miss while away at school, but (let's be real) you don't miss anyone quite like your partner in crime. 

1. Scheduling Skype dates is really stressful with your conflicting schedules.
2. When you see something that reminds you of an inside joke, you have to settle for telling them about it via text (which takes a lot of the fun away).

3. Sharing stories just isn't the same over the phone.

4. When you see someone you went to high school with (or even just their Doppelganger), you have no one to get freaked out with.

5. You have to plan your visits pretty far in advance (as much as you wish you could just pop over to their dorm).

6. Movie nights aren't the same when you're eating junk food by yourself.

7. There's no one there to tell you how you wore your hair "that one time in tenth grade."

8. Let's be honest, NO ONE else has seen just how weird you get when you're overtired.

9. No one else is as down for your crazy ideas and adventures as your BFF (Make cookies from scratch at 2:00 AM while blaring Hilary Duff? Sure, why not).

10. They're the only person on the planet who is in on your code-naming system (and who knows every code name you have ever made up.)

As difficult as it is to be away from your best friend, it makes you appreciate the time you do have with them. Enjoy every second together, whether it's spent watching Disney movies in onesies or hitting the town. 

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