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“Lazy, entitled narcissists.”

That’s us. We are the generation of social media and instant gratification. We tweet every move we make, spend a few too many minutes trying to edit our Instagram pictures perfectly, go on our phones when we are hanging out with friends and idolize people we have never met. We are the “me, me, me generation.” We are the “worst generation.” We are…

We are also the generation of entrepreneurs with 27% of the age group being considered self-employed according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We are the generation of voices advocating for change and not taking no for an answer. We are the most educated and diverse generation in history. Yet despite all the good things being done, we are defined by the fact that we’re on our phones too much. We are defined by our flaws and not by the good we are doing and working towards. Is that fair?

We cannot deny that there is obviously an ugly side to the millennial generation. We’re not perfect but neither were any of the past generations. 

A significant amount of the hate received is in response to our social media usage. Social media is not only an excellent tool for connecting with people but also a way to grow a business, learn and educate. If used properly, social media can be an amazing asset and just because we are significantly more technologically savvy than previous generations does not make us lazy or self-absorbed. Social media can be bad and we can use it for unfavorable reasons, but people seem to ignore all of the good it can do.

Why should someone feel ashamed of posting a selfie? If you’re feeling good about yourself and want to take a picture, do it. Why should someone feel ashamed of having a friend take a posed picture of them? That’s photography. Why should someone feel ashamed of scrolling through Facebook for a bit or for taking a Snapchat with friends or for doing anything they want to do? As long as you’re not letting social media rule your life, what is so wrong with it?

We, as a generation are told constantly to apologize for who we are and how we differ from past generations. We are so hard on ourselves all the time, for every little thing we do that is not the norm. We get criticized constantly for being brought into a world that is evolving and changing. Instead of apologizing for being born into a certain generation, spend your time using what we’ve been given for good. Use what we are given to grow, initiate change and be a generation that makes an impact.

I am going to continue to use my social media to share thoughts and opinions, to connect with people and to share what is going on in my life. I will take a Snap of my Starbucks before drinking it and spend some time seeing what filter looks best on it. I know that doing things like this doesn’t define who I am as a person. When I am not doing these things, I will work hard in classes so that I can graduate and get a good job in this messed up economy we’ve been given, so I can pay off my student loans. I will learn a new language on an app. I will prove that I am not a “lazy, entitled narcissist” but rather a learning and evolving human being. I will show people that I am a valuable asset to this world. I will not apologize.

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Currently a hard-working, self-motivated, dominos-loving business student at UMass Amherst. Not only am I an avid reader of HerCampus.com but I am also a proud member of both Her Campus UMass Amherst and Her Campus Blogger Network. I am working towards my goal of moving out west and getting into marketing for the beauty and fashion industry.
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