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Spring Break: Revisiting My Favorite Hometown Experiences

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Instead of going to a magical, tropical destination, I spent my spring break at home. Because I live so far from campus, I don’t often get the opportunity to visit home, so I was extremely excited to spend my spring break in my hometown with my family.

When I got home, I began to really process how much time I spend away from home and how I sometimes feel like a visitor in the town I’ve lived in for over a decade. I think that I often take my own hometown for granted and forget that there are some truly special places. Because of this, I decided that my time at home would be spent revisiting some spots that were memorable to me while I was growing up and exploring places that I haven’t been to yet!

The Mall

I spent a decent amount of time at the mall as a kid, especially in middle school. It was the first place I could hang out with my friends without our parents, and it made me feel so much older than I actually was. I liked browsing stores for items I couldn’t afford and spending my money at the food court.

I revisited the mall with my mom as one of my first stops during spring break. I was searching for some much-needed items for my graduation in May, but I had so much fun exploring the stores that opened since the last time I’d been. There was so much nostalgia seeing all of the kids wandering around with their friends while exploring the mall.

My High School

My senior year of high school was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. As such, I never got to properly say goodbye to my high school. My sister, however, is a current sophomore at my high school, and, on more than one occasion during the break, it was requested that I pick her up from school following the end of the day. 

Driving past my high school and seeing all of the students bustling to go home or make it to their after-school activities brought back so many memories. While waiting for my sister, I parked my car by the football field and watched as a sports team used it for their practice. I was reminded of pep rallies, football games, and the dozens of happy memories I have of my high school friends. 

A Local Restaurant

At some point during my visit, my dad brought me to a local restaurant for a brief lunch. I had a latte that was served in a ceramic mug and a delicious lox bagel. While I had been to this restaurant multiple times before, I did not spend any time attempting to realize how special the moment was, after all, it was a random restaurant. But going there with my dad and appreciating the time I spent there made me realize how much I liked the restaurant and how much I enjoyed spending time at home. 

My Favorite Thrift Store

I love thrifting. That is not a secret about me. Despite this, I have had my best luck at a thrift store near my house, which means that when I am at school, I don’t get the chance to go. Over spring break, I could finally revisit that thrift store with my sister. Being there gave me the opportunity to hang out with my sister and also finally browse the aisles for any special items. I managed to find a couple of things, but going there only made me more excited for the next time I get to go.

A Concert

The most exciting thing I did over spring break was go to a concert at a small concert venue near me. I had never been to such a small venue before, so this moment was incredibly special for me. I got to stand at the front of the stage and watch one of my favorite music artists perform, and I also got to discover a new favorite artist by watching the concert opener perform. I had so much fun, but the best part was being able to share that experience with my mom.

Although there is nothing inherently special about how I spent my spring break, I am so happy that I spent it the way that I did. I got to spend time with my family and revisit some places that I haven’t been to in a while, while also getting the chance to explore some new ones. I find myself in awe of how my perception of my hometown has changed over time (for the better!), and I am so looking forward to going back and exploring my town even more over the summer! 

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Lucie Daignault

U Mass Amherst '23

Lucie is a fifth-semester member at HerCampus and a senior psychology major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Outside of HerCampus, Lucie is the vice president of the criminology club, a small group leader with CHAARG, and a volunteer with MASSPIRG. She loves writing and is excited to share her ideas and learn from her peers!