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Spend a Solo Day in NYC with Me

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At the beginning of November, I went to New York City for a day. I went for fun, yes, but I also wanted to challenge myself to spend the day alone, doing things that I wanted to do, in the big, Big Apple. As I grow up and grow older, it’s increasingly important for me to be able to do things on my own: especially “hard” things, like going to a new city alone. I’ll admit it — I was nervous the night before, and even on the bus on the way there, but I knew it was going to be a great learning experience. And indeed it was! To commemorate this trip, I wrote down the itinerary of my day. Here it is:

First Stop: The MET

Our bus dropped us off right in front of the MET, and because I had an admission ticket, I immediately went in. I had never gone before, and was truly amazed by its grandeur. Seriously — they had an exhibition for everything in there! I would highly recommend the Ancient Egypt exhibition. One of the rooms houses a whole temple — the Temple of Dendur! I also enjoyed seeing some of my favorite paintings in person, like Edgar Degas’ Woman with a Towel.

Second Stop: Exploring Central Park & Getting Lunch

The MET is located on Fifth Avenue, which means that Central Park is just a few blocks away. I walked around the park for a bit, marveling at all the cute dogs wearing some variation of a jacket or sweater. Then, I went to Le Pain Quotidien, where I got a latte and a sandwich. I ate my sandwich by the water and people-watched — it was perfect! I was definitely also living out my Gossip Girl dreams a bit.

Third Stop: Shopping & Matcha Stop

After lunch, I walked down Fifth Ave until I reached all the stores: Zara, Uniqlo, Muji, and many more. I got some stationary from Muji and a couple of other things, but perhaps my most exciting purchase was matcha popcorn! It’s sweet like kettlecorn, but slightly green and tastes of matcha. Then, continuing with the matcha theme, I went to Cha Cha Matcha. They had so many cool drinks! I tried the strawberry matcha, with ashwagandha and a handful of other fancy ingredients — it was amazing. Finally, it was time to go back to the bus, so I walked back down Fifth Ave, strawberry matcha in hand, and took pictures of all the Christmas displays that were already up, feeling thankful to have experienced such a good day in the city.

This day might not seem like anything special — to be frank, it wasn’t. But I walked, and ate, and shopped, and took pictures, and I did all these things by myself. That’s what made it so perfect. I proved to myself that yes, I can do hard things. Plus, who doesn’t love New York City during the holidays?

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Andrea Tchesnovsky

U Mass Amherst '25

Andrea Tchesnovsky is a junior Comparative Literature major at UMass Amherst. Born in Bulgaria, she is fluent in four languages and is currently learning Italian as her fifth. Other than writing, Andrea’s interests include fashion, photography, reading contemporary novels, yoga, and traveling!