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“Somebody Somewhere” Is My Latest Comfort Show, Here’s Why

When it comes to media, I’m a sucker for a comfort show. Don’t get me wrong, I love a feel-good movie that I can revisit, but nothing compares to reliving the perfect show. I even have a soft spot for dramatic thrillers or anxiety-inducing content. Yet at the end of the day, I need that one reliable show to remind me that everything is going to be alright in its own special way.

Now I have a new TV series to add to my roster – and since I’m an advocate for sharing the wealth, you should highly consider adding HBO Max’s Somebody Somewhere, starring Bridget Everett, to your list of TV staples. First airing in January 2022 on Sunday nights after the streaming service’s hit drama “Euphoria,” the seven-episode season has resembled an underdog, much like its main character Sam. 

Set in Kansas, Somebody Somewhere chronicles 40-something Sam’s journey in navigating life after the loss of her sister, and her struggle to fit into her hometown. Along the way, she develops an unlikely friendship with Joel, an eccentric confidant who reinvigorates Sam’s passion for singing and enjoying the little things in life. The duo balances each other out and offers insight into the power of accountability, creativity, and obviously – friendship. Beyond the scope of Sam and Joel’s bond, the audience is able to embrace familial power and the underrated potential of community.

Without revealing too much, the show is a subtly triumphant and highly relatable approach to life and all its moments. While complexly addressing each character’s emotional stressors, it slowly unpacks what makes people tick. Not often are there dramatic plot points that redirect the course of everyone’s lives (albeit there are some undeniably shocking moments), it is more often an analysis of the mundane points in life and the traumatic baggage that can quietly envelop us. 

I have to admit, the show has pretty depressing undertones. Every character is dealing with something; everyone endures their own plight. It might be a bit confusing for me to announce this as my comfort show since many people prefer an escape from reality. Yet, Somebody Somewhere seamlessly blurs the line between monotony and spontaneity. It’s not the most peaceful of shows, but it feels real. It’s an unyielding display of navigating life despite all the challenges the universe throws at you. Life is full of trials and tribulations, but the mindset you choose to address these circumstances is what matters the most. 

Overlooking the Kansas setting, Sam truly could be “somebody, somewhere” – someone you’ve unknowingly walked by in the street, a likeness to a dear loved one, or even a reflection of you. Her story resonates deeply and highlights the reality as well as the magic of life. 

The show may seem heavy, yet it is also hysterical, revitalizing, and inspiring. And that’s life! Just like you can’t appreciate the warmth without the cold, you cannot truly embrace the highs without the lows – despite how debilitating they may appear at first. 

Next time you're searching for a show on HBO Max, watch this series. Confirmed for season two, you can expect to see more of Sam, Joel, and the rest of the gang – knowing that life gets bad, but it also gets better, and there’s no greater disconcerting comfort than the unpredictability of what you will experience next

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Nora Donovan

U Mass Amherst '23

Nora is a junior majoring in Communication and Sociology, with a minor in Business. She is passionate about art, writing, and working out.
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