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Sitting in the Isenberg Atrium as Told by Britney Spears

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Oh, the Isenberg School of Management atrium. A source of intimidation to outsiders and maybe even a little bit of intimidation to insiders. Here, students from all business concentrations and majors gather to study, hang out and occasionally loudly speak on the phone (don’t be that guy).

Unless I am completely alone on the subject, I feel as though there is a certain thought process that goes through one’s mind whenever studying in said Isenberg atrium. And who else to tell us those feelings other than someone who has absolutely no relation to UMass… Britney Spears!

The moment you decide it’s time to be productive so you head to the atrium. “Okay, I’m ready to go… let’s do this!”

You walk in and everyone is immediately staring at you like…

And you’re just like “I promise I’m a student here please stop grilling me…”

There are no tables open but you then notice that everyone is sitting at their own 4 person tables, alone. “Do I ask if I can sit with them? Look upstairs? Go to the library? Just give up and go home?”

But then there is that beautiful moment when someone looks like they’re about to get up and they happen to be at the perfect table right near an outlet… “it’s my lucky day” 

But then they leave their stuff… “you can’t just play with my emotions like that!”

You finally get a seat and read the sign “We drive the driven” for the millionth time on the wall and it hits you… everyone in here is driven and you can’t even get up the motivation to close out of Facebook. 

Then to add to it, countless people walk into the room in suits. “Where did you even come from?”

And then because you are intimidated, you get to work and feel like an absolute boss in the end…

When it’s time to leave and there is still an absurd amount of people cramming for exams and looking like this…

And you’re just like…

So, Isenberg Collegiettes… keep embracing your inner Britney (mainly the part about being a boss though)!


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Currently a hard-working, self-motivated, dominos-loving business student at UMass Amherst. Not only am I an avid reader of HerCampus.com but I am also a proud member of both Her Campus UMass Amherst and Her Campus Blogger Network. I am working towards my goal of moving out west and getting into marketing for the beauty and fashion industry.
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