Shop and Save the Planet with these 6 Eco-Friendly Companies

Everyone knows that climate change is a huge issue facing the planet today. There are so many empowering activists who are forcing politicians to take action, but for those of us who aren’t Greta Thunberg, it can be difficult to know how to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Evidence has shown that corporations rather than individuals are a major cause of climate change.  A 2017 report found that over 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the last two decades were caused by only 100 companies. By taking a stand and choosing more eco-friendly companies, you can help save the planet and force companies to improve their environmental practices.

Clif Bar

According to Clif Bar’s website, their company policy is to use 100% renewable energy sources and reduce their carbon footprint. Over 15 years ago, they began using environmentally friendly practices in their office, including using recycled paper and reusable dishes. Since then, the company has started using recycled cardboard boxes and is trying to use a zero waste system. Clif Bar has also worked with the charity American Forests to plant 150,000 trees.  

The Body Shop

You may know The Body Shop for its scrubs and lotions, but you should also know about its ethics-conscious attitude. In addition to being opposed to animal testing, the company is working toward being more sustainable. Notably, The Body Shop partnered with the World Land Trust in order to create “biological bridges” to help wildlife in areas where habitat loss is a problem.  


Patagonia’s chairman stated that the company is “in business to save the planet,” a motto that clearly represents the company’s years of environmentally conscious decisions. In 2018, Patagonia donated 10 million dollars to charities fighting climate change. Patagonia has also worked to improve the environment by deciding to use organic cotton and donating a portion of profits in 1986.  


Last year, Starbucks announced some goals for the company’s environmental policies. Within the next 6 years, Starbucks plans to stop using plastic straws, and the company is also in the process of switching to 100% renewable energy and reducing waste.1,500 Starbucks stores have already been approved by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  Starbucks also has a new initiative stating that 10,000 locations will be “environmentally friendly.” So next time you get a cup of coffee, don’t feel guilty about it!

Seventh Generation

When we pour cleaning products down the sink, we don’t always think about the chemicals that we’re sending out into the world. Seventh Generation makes safe, non-toxic home goods, such as toilet paper made of recycled fibers and laundry detergent capsules. Although it’s not required, Seventh Generation includes a list of ingredients in its cleaning products, allowing buyers to make informed decisions and know exactly what is in the products they use in their homes.  


Annie’s does more than just make delicious mac and cheese! In an interview, the Sustainability Lead for Annie’s discussed the company’s focus on improving their supply chain, from using sustainably sourced ingredients to eco-friendly packaging. The company is also involved in community education and being transparent about their practices regarding the environment.  

Today’s consumers care about the environment. By doing a little research and choosing ethical companies, you can encourage other companies to follow the lead of these environmentally friendly corporations. There are many other big companies and local stores that are eco-friendly!  Give your money to companies that reflect your values. 

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