That’s a Scary Mask, Bro: 4 Halloween Face Makeup Tutorials

Even though Halloween is right around the corner, some of us have yet to decide on the perfect costume—something that strikes just the right balance of sexy and spooky. If you’re not trying to shell out a ton of money on a costume, consider using face makeup to create a perfect Halloween look!

1. Tiger Look

Beauty guru Meganheartsmakeup has numerous Halloween makeup tutorials that are fun and easy to do. Transform yourself into a tiger using just the makeup you have on hand. All you need is some white eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and an orangey lipstick to rock this wild look! Curl your hair and wear all black to complete the transformation.

2. Zombie Look

If you know you want to be something scary, but can’t quite decide what to dress up as, consider being a zombie. With just some red lipstick, dark eyeshadow, and an old t-shirt that is torn to shreds, you can resemble your favorite walker from The Walking Dead. Trying to really freak out your neighbors? Invest in some fake wounds and face glue, and bring the zombie look to life.

3. Vampire Look

Dress as your favorite vamp from Twilight by mimicking this dramatic, sexy look. Recreate the makeup by applying a smokey eye and the darkest lipstick you own (preferable a deep plum color). Wear some fangs for an added touch!

4. Snow White Look

Youtube user Emma Pickles has a series of Disney princess makeup tutorials that are ideal for a simple, cute Halloween costume. To achieve the Snow White look, use a brow pencil to embolden your brows, and a cherry lip liner to make your lips stand out. Add a red bow to your hair and put on a blue or yellow dress to perfect the look.

Instead of spending a fortune at the costume store, utilize the makeup in your bag and the clothes in your closet to fashion a look from scratch. Be creative and remember that on Halloween, the bolder the better!