Rock On, Kate Nash: Concert Review

Kate Nash recently hit Boston’s House of Blues to put on a rocking performance filled with heartfelt emotion. Unlike the TD Garden that was hosting performers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just a few miles away, the intimate venue on Lansdowne Street was not filled to capacity. 

Who is she?

Kate Nash is an English singer and songwriter. She rose to fame when she was 18 through MySpace (ha!). In 2007 at just 20 years old, Nash came out with her debut platinum album Made of Bricks, which reached #1 in the UK. Since then, Nash has produced two albums, My Best Friend is You and the more recent Girl Talk. The musician is a proud feminist, which is reflected in her music and personal life.

Why she rocks:

While many girls shy away from feminism today, Nash embraces the movement. In an interview with Teen Vogue, she explains why feminism doesn’t have to be taboo: “All it means is that you think women's rights are important; that you think women should have the right to make their own choices and to be empowered; and that you oppose sexism, rape, domestic violence, sexual assault, pressure on women to look perfect, and being disrespected in the workplace.”

Nash also created her own charity called “Kate Nash Rock ‘n’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club,” which helps build confidence in young girls and teach them skills related to music and the music industry.

Besides making girls feel awesome and empowered, Nash’s music rocks. Literally. Girl Talk is evidence of a transformation in Kate Nash, from the old, girly acoustic goddess, to the new, badass rocker chick. Despite her own musical evolution, the artist’s lyrics are as emotional and relatable as ever. 

The Concert:

Nash played the perfect mix of new and old material with her “Girl Gang” band, comprised of all girls. She added a rock twist to old songs, playing what felt like never-ending guitar solos (in a good way). She played old favorites like "Mouthwash" and "Foundations" as well as many new hits like "Fri-end?," and "OMYGOD!" Between the hair flips and whimsical, sometimes touching personal anecdotes, the English 26-year old slipped in a five-minute monologue that bashed the music industry and its unrealistic societal standard for women. And it was awesome.

At the end of the show, fans rushed to the stage while the band continued to play. Nash helped them bodysurf the crowd, only before bodysurfing the crowd herself. She returned, this time with a piano, to play a fan favorite for the encore – a song called “Merry Happy.”