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Revamp Your Room to Heal the Mid-Semester Blues

Let’s be real, our white brick wall dorm rooms are so small they can practically pass as a jail cell. It’s challenging to maximize your small space in your room and trying to decorate so the room is comfortable and feels just like it would at home. After a while, you might start to get bored of the same old decorations and want something new for the fall season. The problem is, you’re running on a Collegiette’s budget and might not be able to afford to re-decorate your entire dorm room. Here are some simple and inexpensive ideas to revamp your dorm room just in time for mid-semester!

Throw Pillows & Throw Blankets – These items can be purchased at any of the stores around Amherst (Target, Walmart, T.J.Maxx, etc.). Try adding two new throw pillows and a new throw blanket, which will make you feel like you have a brand new bed and will add some new color to your dorm room. Oranges, reds, greens, and browns are all fall colors that can end up looking great together. Try finding pillows with a pattern to spice up your space.

Christmas Lights – You will always get into the fall and winter spirit with some Christmas lights. They give off great mood lighting, which is so much better than the lighting in the dorms! You can hang them around your room or wrap them around your bed. Either way, this purchase is surely a useful one.

Area Rug – This item might be pricey, but you can split this purchase with your roomie. A rug in the middle of your room not only will add a pop of color to your space, but will also be useful when you are getting out of bed rushing to your early morning class. Besides, nobody likes to step onto cold tile the minute they get up in the morning.

New Sheets – Sheet sets are generally not too expensive and this is a perfect way to feel like you re-did your entire room just by switching out a few items on your bed. Target has great inexpensive options and so many fall colors to chose from.

New Pictures – This tip has to be the easiest and least expensive. You can go to your local CVS and print out all your favorite fall pictures you took with your friends.

Paper Lanterns – Pier 1 Imports located in Amherst sells paper lanterns in different shapes and colors that you can hang above your bed using ribbon and a thumbtack to hold it in place. They are battery operated too so you don’t need to worry about plugging in more wires.

Wall Stickers – Target sells a variety of wall stickers that won’t fall off your dorm wall and will add some personality to your room. They even sell stick on chalkboards and dry erase boards so you can write down reminders throughout the semester!

It’s super fun and easy to switch out a few items in your dorm room to make it feel fresh and new for the fall season. You don’t always have to break the bank in order to re-decorate and change up your style. Keep these tips in mind next time you make a trip to Target or any other local Amherst store and your dorm room will look good as new for this season!

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