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The Return of Flare Jeans

It has happened. Flare pants are back in style. Last time flare pants were trendy, I wasn’t even old enough to buy my own clothes. Though they have yet to become an everyday fashion staple again, they have been featured all over runways, fashion blogs, celebrities, and gracing the long limbs of famous models such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Soon enough they will be! Not to worry, when trends first come back into style it’s always hard to picture yourself wearing them. When black leggings and skinny jeans became popular, I used to think they were heinous, but the grew on me.

Sometimes all you need is a little celebrity outfit inspiration to help guide your fashion choices!


Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham seems to be the queen of flare jeans. She knows how to dress them both up and down and wear them day and night. For a daytime look, try out a light super wide leg pant.You can pair them easily with any t-shirt you already have in your closet. If you’re feeling daring, go for a pair that are high-waisted. For more of a nightime look, try paring a darker pant with a black camisole and black blazer or coat. This is sleek and slimming. Pair these pants with a wedge or heel, this will help elongate your legs!


Rachael Zoe

Stylist turned designer Rachel Zoe is always a good person for style inspo! One would think pairing an oversized sweater with flare jeans would be a fashion no-no, but she shows she can pull it off! Her gold accessories help complete the outfit.s


Karlie Kloss


College student and faee of Express Jeans, Karlie Kloss shows how easy it is to pull off a simple pair of blue flare jeans. Pair with a tight striped shirt to help with proportions. For a little added flair (get the joke?) add in white heels, belt, and oversized clutch. (Who cares if it’s after labor day?)


Gigi Hadid


Model of the moment Gigi Hadid shows that flare jeans don’t need to be paired with heels to look put together. If you’re going to class or out to run errands, pair flare jeans with Converse, a comfy shirt, and a black coat. Black sunnies always make a look complete!


Katie Holmes 

Katie Holmes proves the jean-on-jean trend is here to stay. Pair your jeans with a jean button-up that is a different shade for an effortlessly cool look.


If you choose to try out flare jeans, remember you can pair them with items that are already in your closet! No need for a whole new wardrobe, just a new pair of jeans! Stay stylish Collegiettes




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