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A Response To ‘You’re Going to Regret Your Tattoo One Day’

If you have a tattoo, chances are you’ve been told, “One day, you’re going to regret getting that tattoo.” *Cue eye roll*

While sometimes people do end up regretting their tattoo, the majority of tattooed people embrace their tattoo(s) throughout the years. So, the next time someone decides to interject an unsolicited opinion about what a terrible decision you’ve made, feel free to share this response with them.

Getting a tattoo is a personal choice. Each and every adult has the right to do as they please with their body. Now, some of you may still be thinking, “But won’t a tattoo look gross when I’m old?” Allow me to prove you wrong with the following photos of women who proudly prove that you can rock a tattoo at any age.

Every tattoo has a story or reason behind it, from commemorating loved ones to expressing one’s passions. Tattoos allow people to transform their bodies into art, instilling a confidence in them that they may have never discovered otherwise. As a society, we should be encouraging this beautiful and even therapeutic outlet, rather than criticizing it. 

To those who are tired of hearing, “You’re going to regret your tattoo,” remember this: it’s your body, your tattoo and your life. As Mark Twain once said, “Never regret anything that once made you smile.”

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Julia Gordy

U Mass Amherst '19

Julia is a senior at the Isenberg School of Management at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is pursuing a major in marketing with a strong focus on advertising. Some of her favorite things include photography, filmmaking, and long yoga sessions followed by even longer naps. Find her on Twitter and Instagram @juliagordy!
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