Professional Attire 101

Resumes, resumes, resumes! That’s what we hear every day by professors, career services, advisors, and our parents. Classes and clubs just aren’t enough, and hopefully you didn’t want a social life! Our Gmail accounts get filled with emails titled INTERNSHIPS: APPLY NOW every day to remind us that we need to make connections now as college students. So, what happens when we finally do get the internship of our dreams or at least one that will look good on paper? We stress about what to wear! Here’s a few tips to achieve that high-end look at a not so high end price.

So where are the dos and don’ts about how to look like the intelligent, savvy, fashionable college girls that we know we are? What’s important to know is what you wear to an internship is key to how you want to represent yourself to the company. Not only to the company but how the company is represented to the world. So, know that if you come to work wearing a disordered outfit that looks like you just rolled out of bed, it may affect your employer’s recommendations for you. This is your time to clean up your weekend outfits and show the world your classy and powerful beautiful selfs! So have fun with it and own it!

First, blazers, blazers, blazers. Owning a blazer is essential to looking classy and cute. What’s great about a blazer is you can find them at basically any popular store like H&M and Forever 21. Usually, blazers will run anywhere from $20-$30 and are the key to looking successful.  The great thing about a blazer is you can have fun with them in any color and also wear them over any plain or creative shirt. Blazers make the outfit go from ordinary to professional. I would say own a few blazers to switch up outfits and have one very fun color.