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Picture Perfect: A Look Into UMass Student Sophia Trischitta’s Photography Business

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Starting your own business in college is not an easy task, as it requires a lot of time, effort, and passion. However, college is also a great place to find support from your friends and figure out what you want to do after graduation. In this article, I will spotlight a UMass student who picked up a camera three years ago and found what she wants to do for the rest of her life!

Junior Sophia Trischitta started her own photography business when she was a senior in high school. During her COVID-19 high school graduation era, Trischitta decided to pick up the professional camera she owned and take senior photos for herself and her friends. After posting about it on social media, Trischitta got multiple inquiries to take photos for more students, thus @sophialynnephoto was born.

On her new Instagram account where she showcased all of the photos she took, Trischitta was able to gain new followers and potential customers. She began by charging a small amount for the raw photos straight off her camera, until she did some research on other photographers in the area. “I saw that people charge way more, upload the photos to online galleries, and make a full living off of it. That’s when I realized that this was something that I wanted to do full time,” she said. Ever since cultivating her photoshoots into a professional, interactive experience, Trischitta has been building her brand and gaining countless customers, especially in the UMass community.

Trischitta now has her own website where she publishes photography samples, blog posts, prices, and the different services she offers. She also has a virtual gallery where she uploads the photos from each shoot to be available for customers online, perfect for large groups who want to access their images. She has done many photoshoots for UMass students and registered school organizations such as graduation pictures, greek life formals, and LinkedIn headshots. “I posted a lot on social media promoting myself for grad pics and a lot of my bookings were from friends of friends or Women in Business seniors,” she said. Last spring, Trischitta ended up shooting a whopping 81 students for graduation photos!

Sophia Lynne Photo

When she is not working in the UMass area, Trischitta photographs anything from weddings to charity events to high school senior portraits. As a New England native, she enjoys doing photoshoots in places like Cape Cod, Maine, and New Hampshire. “I do most of my shoots in Gloucester at the beaches, and then I was able to bring my camera all the way to Greece this past summer and snap a few pics,” she said.

Since picking up a camera and starting her business, Trischitta has done around 250 photoshoots. When asked what has been her favorite photoshoot to date, she described a 1980s-inspired creative session that featured two of her best friends. “I collaborated with a makeup and hair artist who did all of that for me and it was a studio photoshoot with disco balls, hula hoops, records, and other props,” Trischitta said. “I was able to get really creative with the poses and outfits.”

Aside from her main business, Sophia Lynne Photo, Trischitta also has her own photography and lifestyle-based podcast, aptly named Caught on Camera. She posts weekly episodes that stream on Spotify and Apple Podcasts where she discusses photography tips, how to run a small business, work-life balance, and much more! Trischitta often has friends as guests on her podcast where she talks to them about hot topics and insight from their lives. “I’ve interviewed people about implementing the gym into your life, dealing with heartbreak, college vs. high school life, unpopular opinions, and more,” she said. While busy college life can occasionally get in the way of recording consistent episodes, Trischitta plans to continue her podcast and is excited to see where it takes her in the future.

As Trischitta makes her mark in the photography industry, she hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and pursue a career they love. “My biggest piece of advice is to just run with your passion regardless of what people say or think,” she said. “Trust the process because it’s not going to be easy right away and it will take some time.”

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