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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Let’s be real, we Collegiettes love boys, but they can definitely get on our nerves. Whether they are cute or annoying, we always love to make fun of them. It is just too easy to do so, and this list of poses they love to do in Facebook pictures sums up why:

1. The “I am too chill” pose:

This guy thinks he is hot stuff and wants you to know it.

2. The “I know girls love dogs” pose:

This guy definitely knows what’s up. He gets that girls generally think it is adorable to love your dog. This photo is probably their Tinder profile picture, too.

3. The “I love my girlfriend” profile picture:

This guy is either a loyal boyfriend or a horrible cheater. He is either proud of his beautiful girlfriend and wants everyone to know it or he is trying to convince his girl with the default picture that he would never cheat on her while he is Facebook messaging cute girls he went to high school with.

4. The “I am too college” pose:

This guy is posing with a Natty Ice or in a striped button up shirt with his fraternity brothers. He definitely loves his school and he wants you to know it.

5. The “I love my family” pose:

This guy clearly believes that family comes first and he is probably on your radar. These guys are definitely the cutest!

6. The selfie:

When boys pose for selfies, it never fails to make my friends and I laugh. When there are only guys in the picture, it just looks so silly to us.

No judgment, though.

….Well, maybe a little! But it is all in good fun. The truth is that us girls love all of these poses. When guys do these funny things in pictures, it just makes them that much cuter to us. After all, no one is perfect. And most of us girls understand that fact more than anyone else in this world.

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Grace Olivia Brown

U Mass Amherst

Grace is from Lincoln, Massachusetts and beyond excited to be a part of UMass Amherst's chapter of Her Campus. As a senior, she is majoring in psychology with a letter of specialization in social welfare/social work and a letter of specializtion in developmental disabilities and human services. When she is not writing for Her Campus, she is probably joking around with her friends, shamelessly listening to Ariana Grande, or browsing the Benefit and Tarte sections of the Sephora website.
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