Perks of Living With a Friend

Our elders love to tell us that college will be the most fun years of our lives, and that we’ll never be living so close to all our friends at once ever again. And maybe they have a point (this time, at least). Sometimes your freshman roommate becomes your best friend, or maybe you pick your best friend to be your roommate sophomore year, and by senior year nobody wants to live with anyone anymore. But our roomies never get the full appreciation they deserve. There are so many perks of living with your best friend – enough to forget any bad experience you may have had as a freshman.

1.     It’s so comforting to wake up next to a friendly face.

Mornings are rough, but at least now you can appreciate how much they suck together.

2.     Coming home and talking about your day – whether it be venting or being excited or otherwise – is a highlight, always.

Why Living With Roommates Is The Best

No need to run across campus after class to see your bestie, she’ll be right there with you – laughing (or crying) about the day you each had.

3.     They’re the S.O. you’ve been waiting for… kind of.

Whether or not you actually have a S.O. – your roomie/friend hybrid will do all the cute things your S.O. won’t (i.e. bring you ice cream and listen to Adele’s new album with you).

4.     They’ve basically provided you with a second closet.

“Fam, do you have a kind of sheer button down that would look cute with a bralette?”

“For sure – can I borrow that black shift dress today?”

This is conversation that has 100% happened in real life.

5.     They (usually) won't bug you about cleaning your side of the room when they know you've had a rough day. 

Why Living With Roommates Is The Best

Sometimes cleaning up Fruit-by-the-Foot wrappers is just not as important as it seems, ya know?

6.     Movie nights are frequent and very necessary.

Princess and the Frog is a new-age Disney classic that needs to be appreciated, honestly.

7.     They’ve probably seen you naked by now, or at least your butt.

It truly is a big step in any roommate relationship.

8.     You coordinate your room décor.

So, black and white with touches of metallic? Perfect.

9.     You’ve learned to respect each other’s food boundaries.

Labels are no longer necessary, they just know: eat my Cheetos and die.

10.  Between friendship and roomie-hood, you’ve got an unbreakable bond.

Let’s face it, they can’t un-see your oatmeal facial and retainer combo. But your relationship is only stronger for it!

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