Pamper Yourself This Fall

School has started, fall is here, and if you’re anything like me, you just can’t wait for your next break. With all this focus  on school work and your social life, you can sometimes forget to care for yourself! The great thing about self care is that it can be practiced anytime, anywhere. I dedicate a time for a personal spa day when I’m not feeling my best. It’s simple, fun, and can be done right in the comfort of your dorm room. Here are my favorite products to use when I need some “me” time.

What you’ll need:

–    a robe

–    soft slippers

–    a towel

–    a basin 

1. To start off, I like to put on my favorite spa music playlist. Trust me, listening to this actually makes you feel like you’re in the waiting room for a massage (you can also drink some spa water for an added effect.)  I then put on my robe and slippers, and lounge back in my chair for a while. It’s almost disturbing to see how much time our eyes are spent watching screens (anyone else horrified by their screen time?), so consider closing your eyes and being alone with your thoughts every once in a while. Spraying the room with your favorite scent leaves the final touch to your at home spa transformation. 


2. Doing my hair takes the longest, so I usually start with this when I’m pampering myself. If you've never tried a hot oil treatment on your hair, now is the time. Hot oil treatments moisturize your hair, reduce breakage and strengthen the hair strands. I like to add equal parts coconut oil and olive oil and a few drops of castor oil. Castor oil specifically contains ricinoleic acid, which activates hair follicles on the scalp, thereby encouraging hair growth. The exact amount of oil you’ll use will depend on the length and thickness of your hair. Rub the oils in generously, and put on a shower cap to seal in the moisture. Feel free to leave it in anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours.


3. We touch our faces an average of 3.6 times a day, which further perpetuates the debris already crawling on your skin.  No matter your skin type, it’s important to wash and hydrate it daily. When I want to pack in the extra punch, I use the Dr.Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask. It’s a two step system that includes a serum and a single use mask. It’s good for all skin types and packs so much moisture in one try. The green seaweed extract and Vitamin C reduce dullness and maintain balance of the skin. There’s no parabens, sulfates, or anything of that nature. After removing the mask, I cleanse my skin and moisturize.


4.  I have oily skin on my face, but the skin on my body is drier than the Sahara. When I’m pampering myself I make sure to moisturize my body to prevent dryness and calluses. Bio Oil Skincare Oil fulfills all my needs. It leaves my skin feeling super supple and soft, and fades stretch marks if you’re interested in that. 


5. Next is nails. I put my feet in a small basin with warm water and apple cider vinegar. Vinegar might sound weird, but the acetic acid soothes dry feet while also protecting against bacteria. After soaking for about 30 minutes, I massage them with a thick cream such as Aquaphor Healing Ointment.  This cream is the solution to cracked feet. 

I also soak my nails in warm water but add in coconut oil instead of the vinegar. As the weather cools, my hands get extremely dry, so the soak does a great job at retaining moisture.

Taking a nice long hot shower and a nap is the icing on the cake after a long pampering session.


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